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Witch Doctor
Love my WD, I caved in after over 220 Hours of play time and bought gold. I have like 20m and willing to add a few more Dollars to make me Survive better without dropping my DPS.

My main Weapon is nice, but Im afraid of buying out a 1h for 12m and see no difference in dps...

I'm also open for specs, I like Bears but I don't have enough survival to effectively down mobs in MP6 and up.

also Reflective Damage.... That's a B*tch... LOH kills DPS from what I hear, unless you have 2 billion gold... "Thanks Mitt Romney Supporters, rich jerks"

Anyways, check out my WD in info and please, be cruel. I'm an Illustrator and take criticism and negativity kindly.
If you are on a limited budget, you will get more DPS from a skorn than a 1h/OH.

A while back i spent 120m to experiment with a 1h/oh combo.

Had a 875 manaj knife with socket and a 240ish avg damage mojo serpent.

Lost about 10k damage on my sheet. Ended up going back to my LoH Skorn.

IF you want to increase your surviviability, You really dont have a lot of option to do so, without losing DPS, within your budget range.

Personally, i would consider getting a Vile Ward with VIT. you can probably pick one up for less tha half your budget.

Second get a set of NEW depth diggers with 2 sockets. You will get more AR and probably more stats out of it.

Other than that, your going to have a hard time matching your DPS, AND upgrading survivial without spending a ton.

IE id suggest a zuni ring, but one with 5.5 crit wont be cheap,
Thank you so much, I got my hp to 35k and Res all to 750ish, cut my dps by 40k but barely notice the difference and now i can go all out on Reflect Damage mobs and not even need to use my hp potions!

I got a Vile Ward, Not the best but it's ok, has the Res all.

had a Pox ring in my luggage and decided to take a 9k dps hit for hp and 80 res all. Then noticed it made the set bonues of 120 int and I actually only lost 2k dps!

As for the pants, I couldnt find anything worth the money on the AH, ill still keep an eye out, but for now Im using a pair of slacks that were in my bank that had tons of vit and res all with 80 int and 2 slots, which I put Vitality in. Pants alone dropped my dps by like 100 but increased hp by 14k!'

Thanks man, now to hope for a Witching hour to drop and a Marrows lol
I was able to find a amulet with 900 LOH + Crit chance pretty cheap. That could work with your skorn.
Necroing my Post.

I can solo MP7, all acts with few Deaths (Fire Chains with Jailer....)

I really want to break 200k with or without PtV.

I know at this point it would be atleast 20m an upgrade, but I would like to know ahead of time since I'm about to make a big sale on the AH and gain a couple hundred mil.

Which slots should I aim for and in what order?
Ditch the Hellfire and get a CC & CD Pox. If you can afford it. Your Hellfire is okay, but you'd get so much more benefits from a good Pox. You could prolly even find one with the average damage as well. I think that's something you should look into. I know Hellfire has a lot of pizzazz if you will... But I think it's more of a pride thing than anything. There's 10x better rings then most Hellfires people wear. Don't get me wrong though... You can roll an INSANE Hellfire ring that blows away almost all other rings... But I would go for a Pox until that roll happens. Once you get that awesome Hellfire roll, swap out your other ring and keep the pox. But to roll a Hellfire better then your rare ring is gonna take some time lol.

If I was at your level. I would also switch out PtV for GF. You'll lose paper dps, but gain way more burst DPS and mana problems will be negated. Combine that with completing the Zuni Set with a dual Pox and you should be golden.

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