The Immortal Words of Old School (Itemization)

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12/16/2012 05:33 AMPosted by Blade
To be perfectly honest. All I see are ideas that make the game easier for more people. Easier as in more options to become OP.

This is a good point but more options is not going to make the game easier. There is a limit with the amount of affixes you can stack per item. You would have to sacrifice something in order to pick up an affix like these. Nothing make you OP in terms of damage like crit currently does. It would be nice to have some other options available.

Since it has become obvious that players (people) have become so 'soft'. Catering to that & making things easier for them, isn't doing them any favors.

If you think this is another nerf than I hope to see a huge monster buff along with these changes. I could care less about difficulty. What I do care about is fantastic itemization that keeps end game interesting.
I agree with some of your ideas, but adding %'d bonuses to specific skills is to out there and way to specific. At best a elemental damage type (fire,cold, lighting, poison, physical) bonus to class-specific items, new Legendary's, and maybe rares is better. Completely up-heaving the current item balance over and over is not good for the game and is incredibly frustrating for the player base. The first thing they need to do is get rid of these garbage affixes that nobody wants. Or at least adjust there values so they become desirable.

Also, Block %'s simply need to be increased, not adding that modifier to other items. The base-line block %'d on shields should be in the mid 20's, prior to affixes. If someone wants to wear a Justice Lantern, Helm of Command, and Stormshield, then they should have incredible tanking abilities to off-set the huge lack in damage from other items.
12/17/2012 09:40 AMPosted by RedShift
I agree with some of your ideas, but adding %'d bonuses to specific skills is to out there and way to specific.

Can you elaborate?

I see this type if itemization as a way for one to shine in a specific area and stand out. It's not for everyone. It's a whole new type of play style. These affixes already exist but not to the extent that I speak of in part 2 of my post. There is nothing to differentiate yourself or opportunities to stand out.

Specific stats like this would promote build diversity, fun play styles and level the playing field.

It would promote build diversity and play styles by giving the players the option to buff less popular skills. Increasing the effectiveness of specific skills would create new and competitive builds.

"Wow that dudes hydra does a ton of damage, more than I have ever seen..." instead of "That dudes is better then me, the end"

It would level the playing field by allowing lower quality players to out shine higher quality players in specific areas.
Example: If I create an immaginary ranking system and compare a few players you might see- 3 vs 4 vs 8 (obvious pvp results). If you could buff specific skills players would have a different level of depth to them. It would look more like- 2/3/10 vs 3/6/8 vs 7/7/7 (unknown & exciting pvp results).
Regarding health globes and pickup radius,all Blizzard would need to do in that regard is to have items roll another affix or 2.
I love those ideas. Of course everything would have to be balanced, but I am still fond of how certains skills in D2 went beyond just getting more dmg when you upgraded them.

Lighting bolts covering the entire screen, Necros with millions of summons, corpse explosion exploding through the whole screen, fire walls stretching forever. Not necessarily optimal, but damn fun, and I think it would be a great way to add depth to D3 builds,
Read the whole thing, it's priceless. Blizzard can only learn from you, sir. You bear the true spirit of what a diablo player should.
amazing post. I would like to add that it is absolutely necessary to separate skill damage from weapon dps. That's what made the item hunt really fun for the caster classes in D2, as most could use an amazing drop even if it didnt have the greatest melee dmg. So many more items would be usable.

this post deserves a sticky
I'd like to add that for all of the people that say this will make the game "easier", I think that you have mistaken complexity with difficulty. These changes, while providing the ability for more players to possibly play at a higher level, undoubtedly make this game more "complex" (as in you have to actually think through multiple levels of calculations to create your character/build). Currently, D3 is a very simplistic game from a character building perspective and simply does not compare in that regard to other ARPGs.
Ironically, the original poster basically sums up the player feedback from the Beta.
I honestly truly wish all of these were taken into account. The highlights for me were thorns dmg returning all dmg... ( might not make it the best stat but certainly makes stacking it much much less useless) and + health globes becoming a plus healing stat. EXCELLENT.

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