Collision/Screen Shake effects make me sick!

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I just installed a brand new computer, woohoo!
I have been playing on a laptop with low graphics since the release.
Now I can enjoy nice graphics but I have got a bad surprise.

Fists of thunder with Thunderclap generates way too much collision effects!
I couldn't see those effects on the laptop so of course it didn't bother me.
But now I find it super annoying... To be honest, I don't like that effect at all, so 1 or 2 per second... You guys want us to become epileptic...?

At first, I thought it was my ingame video settings, my graphic card drivers or some ghosting from my monitor. I installed the last nVidia drivers that were supposed to fix the AA injection issue but that didn't fix it, it did some relief though!
Then I tried to use a different main spell and dang, it "fixed" the issue. So it's really that one spell.
I guess it's the teleport that generates the collision...which makes no sense when you are in melee range already.

I'm surprised nobody complained about that before. It's like 2 or 3 collision effects per second...! If you have the loots name toggled on, it's just horrible!
Well I found more threads on the topic :
(Adding more as I find them)

A condition on that effect with that specific spell would be so nice, something like:
If in melee range no collision effect or no more than 1 collision effect per monster killed?

I guess an option to turn that effect off would be nice too.
I really don't like it, it's not smooth... Maybe it would be ok if the background would shake at the same time...? I don't know, I don't think that makes the game more "immersive"...

I enabled VSync... If anyone has any suggestion to "smooth" the collision effect, I'm willing to try anything. It's very tiring... And I really don't want to give up on Fists of thunder...
What's a collision effect?
Some people call it the "earthquake effect" ou "screen shake".
It's happening whenever you bump/rush into a monster, the screen becomes a little shaky.
Some spells trigger that effect more than others.
I guess it's more of a melee class issue also...
I would like to use this downtime opportunity to say that I have not become epileptic due to the screen shake excess with Fists of Thunders / Thunderclap but I do no plan on quitting this battle!!!
In one of the similar thread on that topic, one blue recommended to post the matter in the General Discussion section... So that's what I did...
I'm wondering if that was not trap...

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