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11/12/2012 07:01 AMPosted by Vrkhyz
Right now, it's impossible to play short sessions optimally.
Some time before I farmed Warriors Rest with high mf gear and dropped a lot of good items there. That was done in a very short sessions like 30-40 sec. So NV was not even used for this, good items can be dropped without NV.

Also would like to mention that while doing Alkaizer runs (300mf on mp5 with about 15min sessions) recently dropped a number of legendary/set items from the first elite pack near Azmodan entrance. RNG is RNG and NV buff to mf is not absolutely necessary for farming.
Really interesting post OP, I thought it was a great idea in the beginning too. I think I more-so just miss the loot pinata that bosses were. Even if D2 bosses dropped low level uniques, it got your adrenaline going for the next run... vs farming hundreds of elite packs and getting bad rare after rare.

As well, uniques/sets and runes made it so you didn't really have to care about rares in D2. In D3 it's so essential to constantly be building wealth for the AH that it makes rares more important.

Edit: And yeah ermak has a point too... especially once your Paragon MF starts to outweight NV.
I agree with OP.

Please stop trying to force us to play 20-30+ minutes each session.

so they remove nv. no one gets nv buffs anymore.

and it makes you feel like playing 5 minutes instead?

this is complaining about nothing. nv is just a reward. without nv, you get no guaranteed rares. so you say having a chance of guaranteed rares cripples your play style, then do without nv stacks, just go warrior rest farming like how people used to do it with 375 mf.

you DO NOT HAVE TO GET 5 stacks to mf. just make sure your base mf ( or paragon) and your mp level is high enough.
5 stacks nephalem give me like 50% exp bonus and a lot of mf also GF

its awesome imo!
wtf i dont get it because you only want to play for 5-10mins you want to punish people who play game for longer periods NV is a reward not a right .Its like sayin i havent got the education to get a job thats pays a bonus so lets just take away everyones bonus

Also make every item in game drop as i dont have much time to farm

I just do not like that have to grind THE SAME act over and over and over and over. How about an area to walk around in just killing stuff and occasionally finding a randomly generated dungeon that could either be junk or a very challenging encounter.

I am stuck at MP5-6 with under 300 mf. I get nothing but junk rares, junk legendaries and junk set items.

I just logged in and logged out today.

The NV stacks are fine but not being able to carry them from act to act is retarded. Losing them when changing skills is retarded too. the later does not affect me at all but the first is just flat out annoying.
11/12/2012 06:08 AMPosted by Morningrise
TLDR: Nephalem Valor isn't fun; remove it and let us farm where we want without farming buffs.

Well, erm, you can farm wherever you want for however long you want without NV buffs _now_. Done! :D
11/12/2012 07:44 AMPosted by Bukizzle
I propose you remove Nephalem Valor, and just let us farm where we want and when we want.

The other problem is the mob density is almost non-existent in anything but A3. It's hard to farm for good items when it takes 40 years to find an elite mob (I'm looking at you, A4). Even if they removed the NV most people would probably still grind A3 anyway. They would need to increase the mob factor too, if they got rid of the NV.

11/12/2012 07:38 AMPosted by Drizar
I like it...its pretty easy to get 5 stacked.

and this

one run for me is ~10 minutes. in 45 minutes, that's 3-4 runs. That isn't a full act clear, just spots that have a good amount of elites for exp and loot.
NV is fun and great.

Leave it alone.

stop whinging.
I like the NV as it is, adapt to it.
it takes seriously 5 minutes to get 5 stacks if you know where to get them for example in act 3 you can get stacks really fast if you haul !@# and in act one you just go to the graveyard and you can find 5 elite packs in the crypts seriously leave nv alone stop crying
Giving 5-stack NV the ability to force a guaranteed rare from elite packs was the biggest mistake that Blizzard ever made.

It immediately depressed Legendary/Set values to the point where people see them as "junk".

It made "rare" the new "blue". Many of my friends don't even bother picking up rares these days.

What they should have done was scale MF% properly, and allowed you to stack 5 stacks of NV. The next pack/boss you killed is at like 1000% MF, then your stacks reset.

Heck, or made it a clickable button - use it when you want.
1 stack = 100% MF
2 stack = 200% MF
3 stack = 400% MF
4 stack = 800% MF
5 stack = 1500% MF

Lasts until you gain a stack (which happens when you kill your next elite). This could also allow you to travel between acts. Click the buff before your act ends, the first pack of the next act yields your reward.

Now THAT would create a system where players would think "just one more pack".
I like NV or rather not needing to have MF on my gear, however I couldn't agree more with the OP.

This whole notion of not wanting the players to farm the same monsters over and over was dumb. Taking a quick little run and turning it into a 30 minute run is just tedious, then on top of all that, the drops suck compared to D2.

I'm sorry if you have to read this blizz, but frankly I don't think you have half a clue as to what makes a game great and fun to play.
I agree with op, said this months ago as well.

Neph valor is just a time waster for people who wants to play the game short section.

You are literally forced to play long games worth and repeat, rinse the same routes over and over.

The fact that all 4 acts are separate (oops I mean 3 actual acts) is retarded as well.

You don't really find way points, they automatically fill up lol.

Game is boring and linear, with the only alluring factor is you "hope" to find something decent as an upgrade.
TLDR below.
Now, I am realizing that it feels really dumb. It doesn't feel fun to go out and hunt down Elite packs, just to get 5 stacks of this buff, before you start MFing. I always liked to turn to Diablo when I had 20 minutes before I had to leave the house for work or class, I could get in a couple Mephisto runs and maybe get some quick loot to be excited for when I got home. That is no longer possible, seeing that it will often take 20 minutes just to get your 5 stacks up. Now, a magic find run that could be 5 minutes has turned into 45 minutes. Diablo used to be the contrast to WOW for me, because it was casual, and had immediate gratification, wheras you'd have to dump lots of time to accomplish something in WOW. Now that's how it feels in Diablo 3.

TLDR: Nephalem Valor isn't fun; remove it and let us farm where we want without farming buffs. I don't want to play in more areas, and I don't want to play longer. I want to play where I want for how long I want.

1) Why does it take you up to 20 mins to get 5 NV? Pick a route, it never takes me more than 2-3 mins to get 5 stack.

2) I don't understand why are you asking to remove it? NO ONE IS FORCING YOU to use the system. If you want to farm like diablo 2 in 15-20 minutes spurts, THEN DO IT. Again why do you want this OPTION removed. You don't have to farm with 5 Stack.
I agree with OP.

Sometimes I don't enough time to get 5 stacks and then do some more content because I have work / children. I used to like on D2 the fact that if you had 5-10 minutes you could still get in a few mephisto or pindle runs.

I think NV could be safely removed from the game now that there are MF mechanics like paragon. Also MP, which ultimately determines your loot too.

Please stop trying to force us to play 20-30+ minutes each session.

Again you can farm in 5-10 minutes if you want like diablo 2. No one is FORCING you to go all the way up to 5 stacks if you don't have time.

Am I going crazy or are people complaining about stupid stuff? You don't have to farm at 5 stack if you don't want too. Do 1-2 minutes runs if you want too.
..... that it will often take 20 minutes just to get your 5 stacks up. Now, a magic find run that could be 5 minutes has turned into 45 minutes. ....

20 minutes to get 5 stacks?

Either you need better gear or you need to lower your MP level.

You should be killing elites on a minimum of a 1:1 ratio. That is 1 elite every 1 minute or better.

So in 20 minutes, you should be able to kill 20 elites..... Diablo 3 is a great game for quick play sessions.

In MP1, I can kill ~10 elites and 2 bosses in 8 minutes for a really quick run in Act 3.

I usually only have time to play in 15 minute chunks.

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