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Okay, I'm going to try to make this as clear as possible in hopes that I might elucidate the exact nature of my problem. Here is the precise problem that I'm having, and as far as I can tell, no one else is going through exactly what I'm going through with this notorious error.

I got Diablo III in May, an played just fine at my house for a few months. In August, I went to college, and the game worked fine there too -- until mid-September. I got the error 3006 when the game was "retrieving my hero list" after Connecting to the server and authenticating. Now lately, I just seem to get 3007, "You've timed out while connecting", so I never actually get to the authentication point. Most importantly, and this is why I find my problem to be quite different than everyone else's, I cannot log in at all and have not done so since mid-September. I do not log in and then crash from the error 3007, I simply just never get in. I am quite sure there is no problem on my side, my computer worked fine at my university for a month or so until I started having this problem, and it still works fine at my home location.

I also don't think it's a problem with my university. I have contacted the IT guy and he says that the battlenet ports are all open and that there shouldn't be a problem. I have tried using an ethernet cable to connect and perhaps improve my connection stability, but this hasn't worked. My internet connection on campus is fine, there internet runs smoothly and quickly.

Why can't I log in at all at my university?

Thanks in advance for any helpful replies!
I would first run a malwar scan on your computer using, superantispyware and malwarebytes both free. After full scans of those 2,

Try disabling all of your startup programs that run when the computer is booted into. To do this, go to start - run - msconfig - click ok, under startup tab uncheck all, reboot and try.

Are there any other students at your university able to play Diablo III using the campus connection?
My brother faces similiar issues, and he is facing it like 3days (and worked just fine before). I am trying to figure this out, I am not sure if this helps.. but I have a suspicion this might be issue with DNS servers.. because he is able to telnet game servers on 1119 using IP addr, but apparently game client uses Domain names and gets timed out.., I am not sure where they are stored in game files. Maybe this helps with investigation..
As I said, it works totally fine outside of the university, so I don't know about the malware check...

I will look around, Omrakos -- thanks for the reply. Is there anything you can tell me in the mean time?

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