Thoughts of 1.0.5 a month later

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I have played D3 since 1.0.3 patch. This last one has seemed to perform CPR on the game and it is absolutely ROCKING! I like that some mobs are challenging and you have to use different tactics on them since Monster Power levels can make particular affixes tense. First real end-game content is injected (ie. Infernal Machines, Ubers) which gives the game a nice break from paragon farming. The in-game social community is good, always able to play with some nice folks. Thanks to the developers, artists (sweet legendary drop notification) and GM's for a really good change. Makes me a fanboy I guess now. And by the way, the drop rate for awesome gear is great as well. I have baaaaaad luck with RNG but with the amount I play and the with new drop rates, I can come into some really nice items while not feeling like I'm working but having fun. Thanks again!

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