Bug with Monk's Seven Sided Strike.

Bug Report
Well this might not be very popular skill for end game monks that are farming paragon 6 and higher, but i find this skill quite useful vs elites, especially the pandemonium rune, it can do wonders if you can get the mobs to clump up close enough for the full effect. Recently however, i've noticed a rather disturbing issue. Now, this is usually occurring only when fighting white trash mobs, coz i believe the reason for this is the search method (weather all creeps died within range and sss should stop, or there are still alive ones and should continue).

The way i use this skill vs elites is on start of battle, i try to clump them up as close as i can and then hit sss. Usually it hits with all 7 strikes and elites minnions/champs are well under half hp (but none has died). When using vs white mobs however, sometimes sss stops at the 2nd 3rd hit,
and usually i have killed some mobs, but i can tell from the duration and the number of explosions (pandemonium) that not all 7 strikes hit. I dont know how the search engine works for this skill but obviously needs to be looked into.

This usually happens when there are different kind of mobs around me. So once again, if nothing dies from sss it hits with all 7 strikes, but when things start dying, someties it wotn hit with all 7 hits. And yes, those creeps are in the area where sss is casted.

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