Reflect Damage + Health Link: intended?

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I have just concluded my tests on this matter and have discovered you are simply mistaking your observations. It is not happening according to evidence (took a few games to get this to spawn, Did this on mp1, so that it wouldn't be 0)

until I see better, you are simply mistaken

on HL mobs your damage is divided by the number of mobs, not multiplied, so you are doing less damage & the leech you get is for the primary target only, which has already been divided by remaining mobs

here are the numbers with screens for evidence

a 2-3 hand bow with +20 min amulet
naked shot
shots are for 408 non crit

mob health

mob health after being shot 1 target for 408
I am hit with 2 reflected

change to all mobs

evenly divided 408/3 = 136 each, nice and perfect no rounding needed

my stats
armor 4629 (1- 4620/(4629+3150)) = 40.6% incoming
physical Resistance 672 (1- 672/(672+315)) = 31.9%

(1- 672/(672+315))*(1- 4620/(4629+3150)) =
total incoming damage
= 12.96%

10% of 136 = 13.6
12.96% of that = 1.76 rounded up to 2 damage
amount of reflection hit me 2

in other words with my mitigation and 10% reflection values I take 1.296% of my own damage back ;

hypothesis you state in OP - you are being hit by the full value, conclusion
I would have been hit for 5.184
i was not.
I am being hit for the displayed values *.1 * .1296

and here is bola shot going off with normal weapons (dual wield 5.4% leech)

3759 * .01296 = 48.7
7450 *.01296 = 96.5
12025 *.01296 = 155.84

damage I am taking 155, 49 and 96

the 155.84 is creating 155 because 155*.054/5 = 1.674 life
so the 155.84 - 1.674 = 154.166 which is rounded back up to 155

you are only hurt and leech off the direct damage you do, never the link siphoning off to others. there is no "unfairness" where you are gimped on the amount of life you recuperate

summary: (TL:DR)
your topic is erroneous, false perception creating false conclusions

I laugh at this. I coulda gotten three keys in the time it took you to write this up. Let me summarize your wall of text.

I laugh at this. I coulda gotten three keys in the time it took you to write this up. Let me summarize your wall of text.

without offense. At least he took his time to analyse and discuss the situation. Thats more what you did.

10/28/2012 04:55 AMPosted by MagusHenosis
use your damn heads and overcome a problem rather than whining about it


Its what I am trying. But the game is very unresponsive when it comes to that which is a direct difference between D2 and D3 here where it was much easier to chose 1. the equipment and 2. to scale with the damage/effects of the enemies.

As I said. Sometimes you do fine for the whole time regardless of any affix combinations. Next game you die and you have no clue why as it feels like the damgae is higher ...

I am playing this and othe rhack and slay games long enough to konw at least the one or other thing without seeing my self a s "pro" or what ever other nonsense. And I sure dont see my self as a "top player" in D3. But a bit more transparency could not hurt either. For example showing the REAL numbers on your char would be a start. They could show what you have like now and what it is on Inferno in red letters with the reduced values.

This would make it a lot easier to chose the correct gear. Not to mention you also have no chance to actually compare items right from the acution house you have either to buy it and compare it in your stash or you do a "calculation" with some website.

Considering how "expensive" some of the gear is this is counterproductive.
Good research Korba. +1
10/28/2012 05:09 AMPosted by Setekh
Good research Korba. +1

you could have gotten 3 keys in the time it took to read that

I coulda gotten three keys in the time it took you to write this up. Let me summarize your wall of text.

just an FYI for Life in general to all the kids that can read;

Game companies have a staff of people to test bugs, they call it "QA"
it pays bills,
unlike farming keys
Korba wins this thread, and probably life. +1 to your post, sir (I really did +1 it).
To anyone "bashing" Korba - this thread is dumber by having your posts listed here.

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