Chat: Not auto-scrolling properly

Bug Report
Happens with non-default font sizes. Very easy to replicate with font size 12:

Create a game, leave the game. The chat log is mostly empty with the last line up at the top of the chat log, or on font size 14, mid-way through the chat log. How far up it appears also depends on how many lines are in the chat log. If you change the font size to 16, the text fits perfectly where it should be, so I believe it's rendering the entire chat window at default, then shrinking the text from the top, causing it to shrink upwards and leaving blank lines at the bottom.

Here's a screenshot of the bug:
This wasn't fixed in 1.0.5.
Still not fixed.
Not fixed in 1.0.8.

What does a guy have to do to get people to pay attention to a bug report?

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