Funniest way you have died?

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Kiting a pack of vortex goatmen hulks, I was low on hp, running around for potion and diamond skin to get off cooldown. I thought I would get creative, trigger a demon mine and lead them right into it to do some damage. Plan was going well, and just as the mine was about to blow right in the middle of the pack and I was out of its range, one of them was like, "oh no you dont, get over here!!", and sucked me right into the mine and got me killed. While waiting for the resurrection countdown I tapped my chin and was like, "well, that certainly backfired up my !@#...".

Also, anytime I get knockbacked, vortexed, or feared into those fire pits in act 3 keep depths. Those things do 10X the damage of molten pools, whats up with that??
Hands down funniest moment, this was pre-inferno changes in Act 1 so everything hit like a truck. I'm the main tank as a Wizard and we're trying to progress through the Plains so goatmen everywhere. We run into an elite pack right at the top of the first set of stairs, it gets kited AWAY from the entrance and it quickly spirals into a mess of like three packs of elites/champions with at least one of those being invulnerable minions. I end up kiting half of it including most of the minions around in a circle while my friends try and deal with the Elite. Unfortunately I take a lag spike from someone else downloading something, die, and the mob heads off after my friends... Yackety Sax was playing in my head the entire time =P

Oddly enough I found the whole thing far more amusing than my friends did. (oh, and Wizard main tank, lol)
Chased a goblin right into two elite packs. Jailed and desecrated to death. My greed knows no bounds. :>
The first time my alt's hellfire ring blast got bounced back at my low level wizard by the spinning guys... Pretty sure his corpse made it all the way to Kurast.
My friend plays a WW Barb and I play a DH. I am not as squishy as I used to be, in A3, he would run ahead and trigger the demon mines to clear them and sometimes he is just a little off screen so I dont see them and right as I am coming up, bam, dead. He laughs every time too.

There was one funny one too in A3 with those mine things that reach out and scorpion pull you back in. We were fighting a pack, the loot dropped and I was typing a message but was out of sight of those things, and all of a sudden it reaches across the screen and pulls me in to my death. I didnt have time to react. My friend started laughing so hard across skype. Its always funny when it doesnt happen to you. It was just so funny that I just disappeared standing next to him.
Act 3, keeps depths. I was running with a barb, we ran into a pack of demonic tremors with waller and arcane. He was doing valiant job tanking the group, and I was about 20 "yards" back blasting away. All of a sudden 4 or so arcane sentries started to morph up around me. I had to pull back, but as soon as I took one step, they walled the doorway that was right behind me. Of course, I keep teleport on my skillbar for just this kind of otherwise FUBAR situation. But I guess the place I tried to teleport to on the other side of the doorway was just off of the line of sight, and I got stuck on the door. That was bad. With nowhere to run, and about to be sliced into potato chips by arcane beams, I felt spheres of titanium form between my legs, and I charged right towards the pack of demonic tremors screaming "FOR NARNIA!!!". My battle cry echoed through the depths, as my body was pummeled into paste.
i died to an elite Fallen Lunatic once in the keep depths. yes, this was inferno, he had extra health. i activated gloom, popped his minions on it slowly, and then he came and killed us both.
i got stuck in a wall then wall finally came down and i was vortexed in only to be stuck in a wall again and have arcane orbs own me..

i didnt laugh so much but my wife who was tanking them was cracking up after the battle because i didnt get to help one bit

so glad they fixed that wall issue .. there is always at least one direction out now even if i appear to be stuck in there
"Farva was killed by Wall of Fire".
I was fighting in Stonefort when I had the good luck of stumbling onto a Champion pack of Fallen right after starting to throw down with an Elite Fallen Shaman. I failed to notice the affixes since it got ugly pretty fast, but a lot of things were dead (including my pets) and I was running away before I could recover and mop up the remaining monsters. I didn’t get very far, though, when I was suddenly vortexed back into combat to find a very angry avenger Fallen.

Avenged indeed...

you have more important things to be posting about. Get to it, lazy.
I was farming act II keys in mp1 with my P lvl 33 HC monk, and found out the hard way that party leaders can suck you back into games (went to use the bathroom while at the ah screen in-between farms, and came back to a RIP screen) My buddy spawned in town, while i gave some snakes in the oasis a productive way to deal with some anger issues.

Was confused/startled to say the least, as i fully expected to see the ah screen and type "k, ready" to my friend lol.
My gaming partner is the leader of us so i tend to follow her and we both play Demon Hunters.Im usually chatting or not fully paying attention and in Oasis im always 5-10 feet behind her so one day i wasnt paying close attention as usual and she set off one of the exploding plants and it got me.We thought it was hilarious but now the evil woman does it on a regular basis and gets me with it once in a while,same with those cursed demon mines in act 3. Or when we run into a elite group with without checking first we unload on them and blow ourselves up on a relfect mobs,those usually crack us up because its so instant.
I was at work.

i think ma favorate death so far was ARCHON disentigrate into an eletes pack HORDE-REFLECT DAMAGE. my bodie actualy did one of those explosion flying body tricks with the flailing arms and legs straight across the screen and off the ledge
My friend triggered a landmine in Arreat crater 1 yesterday, without me seeing it. I was following him and it just blew me the ef up! I then proceeded to curse him out and demand my 4k's worth of repairs bacK!
Probably my most memorable death so far was a particularly close Treasure Gobiln chase that led me straight into a pack of Fallen Lunatics. I was on Facetime with someone at the time, and based on the audio (and accompanying explosions) they were able to peg exactly what happened. >_>
I went on MP10 to try the EP + RD combo. It took me well 10 min to down 1 mob, but the explosion was magnificent.
thats gotta bite
11/01/2012 02:14 PMPosted by Joren
I went on MP10 to try the EP + RD combo. It took me well 10 min to down 1 mob, but the explosion was magnificent.


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