Funniest way you have died?

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10/30/2012 06:09 PMPosted by Jackesio
Wall of Fire enough said.

LOL! Yeah, true story.
I was fighting in Stonefort when I had the good luck of stumbling onto a Champion pack of Fallen right after starting to throw down with an Elite Fallen Shaman. I failed to notice the affixes since it got ugly pretty fast, but a lot of things were dead (including my pets) and I was running away before I could recover and mop up the remaining monsters. I didn’t get very far, though, when I was suddenly vortexed back into combat to find a very angry avenger Fallen.

Avenged indeed...

That's funny. Though it has also happened to me too.

I think it would have to be that time I was running across a long bridge of sort's in the high heavens when i ran into a pack of trouble. What A view I thought as I whirled close to the edge, pearing down amongst the clouds. Then all of a sudden I saw this body fly through the air like a twirling sack of potatoes over the edge and finally out of site through the clouds below.... oh wait, that was me. DOH! lol
IDK about you guys but fighting those wasps in A2, as a Demon Hunter, always makes me crack up. You try and try to shoot them, so not only does it take forever, but if they have some effed up affixes (arcane/RD/ extra health) then you basically run around like a chicken with your head cut off. It is really funny to watch if you take a second to realize what you are actually doing when you fight them.
Had a Champion Fallen Maniac with blue pack with vortex, teleport, mortar and molten...... Yeah don't know how I could have gotten loot from that guy, anyway I was kiting and then one blue sucked me in... boom! next boom then the champ..... boom and my body flew magnificantly :-\
When the Scoundrel windforce's a fallen maniac into me.
These are all hilarious stories. My funniest, and I still smile thinking about it, but it was probably my first time in act 3 Inferno after release. Being my first time, I didn't have great gear, and my skills were not where they needed to be. I got into a group with a super uber barb tank. He had full crazy rare/legendary gear, must have spent a fortune, super resist and armor, life on hit, regen, you name it, and he was full taking spec skill wise. There was also I think a wizard and a monk maybe, can't remember. Anyway, I think we ran into a soul lasher pack, and back than, a regular soul lasher could one shot you, and this was a champion pack, and I think we had aggro'd a second elite pack. Anyway, the champion soul lashers I think were somethink like extra health, vampiric, illusionist and something else. So anyway, the barb somehow managed to tank all this stuff while the wiz, the other dude, and I would try to pull one off and fire off some damage. We were a full revive cooldown in a matter of minutes. We maybe get a couple of shots off die, and come back, while this super uber tank just stood there and manged to tank these things for over an hour, and I am not joking. Keep in mind, this is my first time in act 3 inferno, and I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry... cause this barb was obviously able to stay up while the rest of us keep dying every 10 seconds after we revived. Pretty sure that I had to port to town to repair a few times. I kept thinking... this thing is going on longer than any boss fight in WoW, and at the time I played all the way to bosses in Outland before I quit. To this day, hearing the name soul lasher makes me cringe and smile, cause of that fight. I wish I had that on video, cause I think everyone was probably thinking the same thing, except maybe the barb :)
My current favorite are the act 3 guys who run and explode... love seeing tanks run into a doorway of an unsearch room and die while the rest of us behind are like... wtf? boom!
one shotted by wall of fire...
The very first time i ran into a vortex mob in act 1. There were actually 2 different elite packs and they were both vortex. We were overwhelmed so our instinct was to run... found out that it is not possible to run from 2 vortex groups.

Also one of the hardest groups I fought was in Hell Act 3 with those big fat guys who dual wield maces. There was a group of horde, waller, teleporters, it maybe took 30minutes of those guys trapping us in and smashing us with one hit kills followed by enraging before we killed them.
Here some cool videos players have died in hardcore...

some of them are so funny for not paying any attention...
umm, shorty after they added the lazer beam to enemy attacks I died because I couldn't figure out if they were my follower's attack or the enemy's (there were a lot of enemies around, at the start). Obviously I quickly figured it out.
Doing a total of 16million in one pop to 2 champs with exploding palm on reflect damage... SERENITY NOW!!
My barb was in the Oasis. I had just opened a chest next to the edge of the border when some kind of elite pack jump me. One with knockback hits me back so I get pinned between the border and the chest, unable to move (it took me a few precious seconds to realize this). Shamans start shooting me at a distance so I can't hack them, nor can I teleport out since I kept getting hit. Just watched my life meter slowly go down until I ended up in the ranks of the deceased.
act 3 keep depths 2... open door and BOOM!! FALLEN MANIACS!
i was playing hardcore lvl 49 killing azmo hell(i should have not been there) and i had 2 party peeps lvl 54-50 they said they wouldint let me die so we did it 2 secs before azmo died he threw a fireball at the lvl 54 dh the guy vulted behind me and the fireball curved stright at me and 1 shot me. my poor dh
Back in the days where nightmarish was spammable without the 6sec immunity... I got surrounded in a long narrow cave in act 2 inferno with my barb, by a pack of 4 champion spiders (one pack 4 members)... Don't remember how the set up happened... but picture this:

2 spiders on each side seperated by about 20 yards.... in a narrow corridor... one would hit me, barb runs to the other side were the other two would great me with the same treat. and it was back and forth got nightmared to death for 30 seconds!!! (ignore pain triggered twice, second time being useless since I died .01 second after triggering it).

After all the rage and time passed :) I think it was mad funny now I was kinda like a tennis ball in a double tennis match xD
walled into a corner (wallers or monsters) . . . can't do anything and watching the HP depleting . . .
teleport from town to a friend which is surrounded by fallen maniacs. then kaboom!

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