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Demon Hunter
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Continuing this great constructive thread for the community as the last one filled up.

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- Keep the thread going in a positive manner.
- Be courteous and give advice / rates to the poster above.
I would love someone to give me some advice....I know i have a long way to go but when you work full time and have 3 kids you only get some much time :) Thanks for any advice...Please dont say use RHAH cause that wont happen

You need better gems in your gear.

RS Ruby in helm, MF overrated :P. Pretty solid though, like the crazy build too. maybe swap out Blackthornes for Inna's for more dmg but I see you get the vit and extra mf/gf from Blackthornes which I am sure you prefer as I see mf in other pieces of your gear
Blackthorne's pants for the LoH and good stats. Chakram with the spinning blades around me keeps me from dying with the 1,000~ Life on Hit when mobs swarm me.
any tips on how i could increase my dps with keeping a good amount of vit. I have 50k dpa without sharpshooter
@Death sorry but i couldn't find anything wrong with your DH except that you could use a little bit more vit
advice for me?
I got skipped again as always, someone just rate me please! lmao. I always give advice but get skipped one way or another

New rare ring and new bracers with more dex
10/31/2012 10:05 AMPosted by ZeroSkitzo
I got skipped again as always, someone just rate me please! lmao. I always give advice but get skipped one way or another

Not to bad, decent manticore but i would go for a better ring that has both crit chance and crit damage want to get you crit chance up to abouy 50% and your damage to about 400. Also I would suggest a Natalyas set for atleast the 2 peice bonus for the free 7% crit chance.

I would say you are doing okay for right now but you have some upgrades you NEEDsuch as better gems for your armor and weapon you want that x200% CHD in that xbow for sure.

Your DH is alot like mine. I think you could use more vitality. Otherwise pretty solid build. Maybe try something besides ball light.
Nice. Let's see, maybe a trifecta or higher dex ammy, 2 os manticore, or trifecta gloves.

Oh, my upgrades aren't showing yet. guessing ... 1390 bow with 2.8 ls, 75 cd + 100 cd gem. Bracers are ~100 dex, 100 vit, 6ch, 70 ra. Probably going all emeralds now that my life is over 30k :)
(Since the last one filled up, just bumping this old since for some reason another one got started and this one got lost.)

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