Post if you are in love with ur hellfire ring

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I have made 6 rings, all have sucked. But my followers are really decked out now on my characters.

280 int
4 cc
27 cd
325 life/sec

First try :D

(profile in my language:
For the amount of work it takes to get one of the rings the stats are extremely underwhelming. I can't get one good enough to actually equip.
Can Anyone beat my HR ? 2nd ring

184 dex
43 intel
81 vit
28 ChD
5.5 CC
12,100 health globe and potion bonus.
view roll
took the monkey up off my back.

5 crafting sessions and this what i got -

good but i'm still aiming for a tri.
hate my ring. make me dillema to change stacking resist :(
i dont think the creators of diablo care about the player as much as the greed or in other word the money there making why do u really think they nerf gears or skills or mkae gears now that are majorly better then the item prior to patch that were godly connsidered hmm.

they sit there an d tell us we cant talk or critize them bout anything or they will delete this or ban us hmm
thus comfirming what me and other posters have siad
they delted one of myt freind post bout 2 hrs ago i posted agreemnet on his post then when they delted his i posted one to think there not making it seem like were lieing there making it obvuis that were right
watrch alt least 50 of u will see this post give me a good chance that 10 of u will agree and srpread ur thoughts on this to other player to voice ur oppion

this game has been poorly made they want to show they care about what us the players think they should respond to this post and not delete it that would prove they actually care about us as players not just bout what make them an extra buck i dont bash that they want to make money but the way uthey do it is messed up

view my posts to see what i have written do it quick becuase knowing there greed will make them delete it or take my post prilidges away thus far even proving my point most people agree with me i got over 60 emial on this topic in the last 30 minutes so i no that i am not the only one thinking this blizzard as a heads up u want to make money good making money is good but think about if u lose 60% of the popluation dont u think the money coming in will go down people will quit just ewbcuase u nerfing items and skills or making changes i have 3 real life freinds who quit playing and my mother playing d2 6 years big fan not anymore she quit playing period and went to playing guild wrs witch is a good game u can have over 500 people in one game and chat with them all at the same time thats i say agian five hundred people in the same game on one map thats impressive the same style as diablo but u degsgin ur own look boy girl hair color every thing fat skinny black white so this game in my oppion was a satep down not a step up
in the beggning it was great then went down hill from there
and still no pvp whats up with that u talk about it but not one thread of evedence that its been worked on blizzard read my prior post i posted like 6 hrs ago oafter my account got hacked witch still havent got any news on that pls players feel free to send me an emial or IM me my emial is intant id baind1248 ok thnx i would love to private chat andhere ur views cus u probly dont want to voice them here do to the fact they threaten to ban us if we post anything in anyway that show agianst there them or says anything negiative cus they are perfect gamers that make a new game with hundreds of bug and havent had a patch yet to come out thats been bug free d2 nvr had that problem
Wish my ring and my Follower's ring were combined -.-"
Wow another Sergey. Could my ring be better than his?
Can Anyone beat my HR ? 2nd ring

184 dex
43 intel
81 vit
28 ChD
5.5 CC
12,100 health globe and potion bonus.

beaten yours. view mine :)
check out mine !

70 All resist
400 Life on hit
4.5 critical chance
and a ( ) socket to sweeten things !! ;D gg ring ??
trifecta with dmg
not mine tho
11/02/2012 08:15 AMPosted by igniteice
I get the impression there are a lot of players who spend an absolutely astounding amount of time playing D3, and a lot of them are in this thread. I play a good 20-25 hours a week, mostly on the weekends. Having a job, school, two kids, and a wife (who also plays D3) kind of soaks up time. Just reminds me of when I was single and out of work years ago and I could wake up and play WoW until I would go to bed and do it again the next day. How unrewarding that was.

You seem upset with your lack of a good ring.
I think my hellfire ring is one of the best, if not the best! It was also my FIRST ring.
My first Hellfire Ring:

34 Max Damage
193 Strength
93 Vitality
41 Crit Damage

I am married with it.
Mine (just got it out of the oven)

Kind of crappy, but it's the first of many :D

26-56 DMG
186 STR
19% GF
18% MF

Good for follower, I guess :P

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