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Hi!! a ihav one qoustion... my home region is Europe,but i play on American servers..i see i cant use real money on American servers becaose its not my home region...I have hero on America lvl 60+31 lvl i very good i wounder can i somehowe change refion on Eurpoe and play with same hero from american servers?

No, I'm afraid that's not an option at this time. Accounts, characters, or items can not be moved from region to region.
:(((( i hope that you will found some solution because many player when they choise religon that dont know thats you can use real money only on home region like me...thanks for the answer and sorry for my bad enlglish
Hi. i register in America, but my main chart is on asia server, but my profile only show the chart in America. How can I show my chart on asia server to share with my friend?
There is no reason to find a solution. When I started the game I read all the blizz posts regarding the rmah and ah and it is stated clearly that you can only rmah in your home region. People need to read the rules instead of not doing so then requesting blizz to fix their mistake.

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