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man. im feelin pretty lucky right now. 1 run, 1 LS. >=D
The main skill that I used was sprint (with tornadoes). I also used warcry to replenish some of my fury when I was low. I used cleave, charge, and seismic slam to clear out large groups of monsters. As for the runes and passive skills, I forgot what they were (too lazy to log in and jot-down every one. sorry) but I used runes and passive skills that helped my fury regeneration. More fury, more sprint. That's how I saw it.

You can be much more efficient in your skill build.

Get yourself a pair of Firewalkers, since they do enough damage to insta-gib everything on Normal MP10. That means you don't need to use Sprint with Tornados, instead you can use Sprint with Marathon for faster run speed for a longer period. Keep whirlwind so you can run through the mobs, but just let the firewalkers do the trail. If you are stopping to attack, or seismic slam or anything of that nature then you are losing valuable seconds. The only time you should ever stop should be to pick up your legendaries.

Get a 2H Maximus on your follower. The Maximus spawns a Demon on hit that has a fire chain attached to it. The chain will insta-gib mobs, meaning your follower will clear a lot of mobs while running along with you. Additionally, you can also get a Maximus for yourself too. While it won't proc from Firewalkers, it will proc from whirlwind which you will use often enough to get through mobs that it will help. The only other alternative to Maximus would be two one-handed +maxfury weapons, but I don't find the extra fury ever needed.

All other gear should be focused around on-hit AOE effects and magic find (besides the obvious max movespeed). Thunder God's Vigor is a belt that has a chance to cause a shock pulse to erupt from enemies that are hit. I'm not sure if this procs on killing blows (I have it, but don't pay attention to it), but if it does this will speed up efficiency by catching a few scattered mobs here and there as you run by. Another must-have is the Death Watch Mantle shoulder, which gives a chance for knives to explode from your character in an AOE when you are hit.
3 manald heals and 1 signet. :\ got my only signet drop on my first day of farming for it too
Maybe I missed it, but are you doing "normal" mode on MP10 for the added MF? Just curious.
Maybe I missed it, but are you doing "normal" mode on MP10 for the added MF? Just curious.

Normal only.

Leroic's Signet is the first of the legendary rings. It is a lvl 17 item (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/leorics-signet), the next unique ring on the list is Manald Heal which is lvl 20 (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/manald-heal). Once the game decides that it will drop a unique ring it then will randomly pick any of the available legendary rings to lvl of monster that is dropping the item.

By structuring the runs to Act 2 Norm Sewers -> Oasis we are assuring that the majority of mobs we kill are above lvl 17 (allowing Leoric's to drop) but below lvl 20 (making sure Manald or higher doesn't drop).

Some of the dungeons in the oasis are lvl 20+ so that is where most folks get the Manald. The cellars are below 20 but the flooded caves are 20+

Of course it is possible to find a Leoric's on A3 inferno, but then it would be a drop check for a Legendary ring and then a one in seventeen chance that the game would pick a Leoric's. We are just eliminating one variable in the drop calc.
I found my first Leoric's Signet in the Dalgur Oasis off of a pack of fallen after two days of searching. My runs consisted of getting 5 NV in the VoA, doing the Sewers, Cistern, and finally the Oasis completely.
I'm guessing this is normal difficulty?

Nevermind, question answered
Finally found a dex (21% =/) leorics in the TotA (yes, really. Yes, I thought it was a manald heal at first). Took me over a week of about 3-4 hours/day. Obviously wish it was a 30%, but beggers and all that.

Back to paragon leveling.
Wow. I just found one in the Ruined Cistern after about 20 minutes! 30% bonus one too. Thanks OP!

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