If your Hero was a Monster, what affixes ...?

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I'd want my barb to wreck the squishy casters who refuse to bulk up, so I'd go
so probably missle dampening, fast, reflects damage, teleporter
Avenger, Horde, Fire Chains
Vampiric: Gloom
Fast: 24% movement speed and 2.4 attacks per second
Shielding: Smoke Screen (a slight stretch but I can't be hurt for that split second)
Knockback: Windforce + Bola Shot - Thunderball
Electrified: Elemental Arrow - Ball Lightning
Horde with everyone in my horde having frozen + Arcane

Horde packs where all of them have frozen or arcane = the entire screen fills up with beams or ice bombs...and the best part about ice bombs? They can chain go off and perma freeze you.

Vortex is just there to guarantee you get stuck into the arcane/frozen hell.
Arcane, Frozen, Extra Health, Fast
Vampiric, Shielding, Arcane Enchanted, Nightmarish )))
Mortor, Frozen, Arcane, Vortex.
Vampiric, Frozen, Jailer, and Desecrate.

A properly done Critical Mass spec Wizard is a pain in the butt! :D
Barbarian would be Horde, Fire Chains, Molten, Electrified. (Minions would be Fire Chains/Electrified)

Wizard would be Arcane Enchanted, Waller, Reflects Damage, Vampiric. Any minions would be Arcane Enchanted/Waller.
Extra Health, Horde, Arcane Enchanted, and Molten

Horde with Arcane enchanted is the worst lol , my screen gets filled with arcane beams.
Horde, Illusionist, Teleport, Vortex. TROLOLOLOLOLOL
Banana Nutmeg Sassafras Ginger
Vampyric ReflectDamage HeavyMetal RockStar
Molten (tornado)
Fast (sprint)
-Extra slow. I farm slow. I kill slow. I'm slow.
-Extra noise. You'll know I'm coming from an act away.
-Jinxed. Don't kill me. Upon death I remove your 5/5 NV.
Reflect Damage, Fire Chain, Molten, Horde - but in a Blazing Wrath (fire) type.
Any self-respecting monk would obviously take...

Knockback - your smoothly executed blows throw the enemy around like ragdolls.
Avenger - your righteous fury causes you to deal double damage if a member of the party dies.
Fast - duh!
Reflects damage - countless hours of martial arts training allows you to turn the enemies blows against them, and to force back projectiles by sheer force of will.

Actually implementing this for players could be as simple as affix shrines, which activates a previously chosen set of affixes. Alternately, players gain affixes with NV, up to a limit of five.
Extra health, nightmarish, shielding, health link

The supper annoying to kill!
PRE 1.03

Invulnerable Horde Illusionist Arcane (Arcane is so gay that even the copies can cast it and do dmg)

look at the pew pew laser show

Post 1.05

Horde Fast Motlen Relfect Damage small sized mobs (like those spiderlings that can get under your feet)

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