So, Obama or Romney (part 2)

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Really - just play Diablo 3 and stop with the politics - cannot believe these threads are not shut down yet by Blizzard...


Besides, the mayor of New Tristram would be better than any current running politician...
11/05/2012 04:25 AMPosted by Anguish
You idiot liberals do not seem to understand that Obama had a DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY in the first two years of his presidency. I really am tired of "Obama is being blocked by Republicans, its not his fault!," because quite simply he had plenty of time to do whatever he pleased, but he sat and picked his !@#.

And he used it to push through a healthcare bill that simply wasn't wanted by over 80% of the people.

We already had government provided healthcare. But did we modify those programs? noo.. we needed an entirely new fat government program. Talk about a scam and lots of people think this is step in the right direction. Logic and the lack thereof is amazing.. If Obama and the democratic party truly cared about people they would have just paid the bill instead of forcing people to buy something. What's next buy this solar panel or you are fined $750 ?
If Obama gets reelected I lose all faith in the American People. We were looking to buy some land for a business we were starting up and we were going over the counties with the highest unemployment because we would get more government assistance with start up funds as its agriculture and also because we would be creating 40-50 new jobs. There are 46 counties in the state I live in and 33 of them have 10% or higher unemployment. In fact 10 of them are higher than 15% with the worst being 19.9%. Thats just unacceptable.
I must say I'm amazed that anyone would be willing to vote for either one of the two after their debate performances. Neither one is any kind of great intellectual and they don't know anything that isn't fed to them via advisers and interns. Not to mention the fact that there was NO debating. If I heard a single philosophical point made by either of them regarding the role of federal government pertaining to one of their positions, or anything even remotely like that, I might feel otherwise.

There is a very distinct reason why nothing ever works federally for this nation, and it has to do with our underpinnings. We're a Republic; a union of 50 sovereign nation states that are to decide on mutually agreeable doctrine and send it up in the hands of said union members for the sake of increasing the bond between all members of said union through implementation of those agreed upon policies. We NEVER agree. We simply fight over who gets to have a say for the next four years and leave it at that. Meanwhile, the freedoms of the union's constituents are being steadily eroded in a gridlocked system that allows for minor compromises that always serve to undermine personal liberty.

People wonder why half the country freaks out over this administration's policies, not understanding the fact that you can't force socialism to take root where it is not wanted. Not unless you fool enough of the masses and somehow manage to pacify the rest enough to make it happen. On the other side of the aisle though, we have a very covert form of fascism taking hold and nobody sitting there talking about how bad President Obama is seems to realize THAT either.

Point is...we're screwed guys. All of us, the whole lot. =(
I early voted for Gary Johnson
11/05/2012 05:42 AMPosted by MogeyBear
I early voted for Gary Johnson

Thank you. A vote for true principles is always a good vote.
lol American politics, a joke. Just like most of the things in America are. Nothing can get passed because of all the fu%$ing money in politics. Nothing drastic can be done to help people because the men behind the curtain (powerful people throwing lots of money around) wouldn't allow it.

For example if a president actually tried to do something really important which would help people like...oh I dont know..start printing your own money? and actually make the federal reserve bank of america 'federal'. It's private, trust me it's no more federal than federal express. So all your money is being printed with debt...hmm sounds impossible to pay back hey? guess what is impossible.

Watch this, it will show you even more why your country is doomed and people in politics get away with what ever they want:
11/05/2012 05:43 AMPosted by Alexandros
I early voted for Gary Johnson

Thank you. A vote for true principles is always a good vote.

If Obama gets elected he will continue to spend money like there's no tomorrow. Continue passing legislation like Obamacare that, from the medical caregiver's point of view is completely flawed, a pain in the !@#, and doesn't even come close to accomplishing the goal of insuring every citizen and making health care cheaper. And finally, continue being a spineless weasel when it comes to foreign policy.

If Romney gets elected he'll cut even more taxes from the upper income demographic by giving them tax loopholes for shipping more jobs overseas thereby increasing our deficit even more. Repeal Obamacare and then promptly ignore the medical insurance situation for lower-middle class American's. And finally, working with his BFF from college, Benjamin Netanyahu, successfully start WWIII over the Iran issue.

Why nobody pays attention to 3rd party candidates is beyond me. Because generally they have way more to offer the country than either the Republican or Democrat candidate.

I've seriously thought about placing a vote on everything else on the ballot EXCEPT the president but it'd be pointless. The only candidate I've heard anything I like from yet is Gary Johnson. But there again... Pointless to vote on him.

*sigh* Damn politics.

It's not pointless to vote for him, the goal this election is to hit 5% of popular vote to get a fair voice and gov funding next election. Our country needs to stop living in the moment and think long term. That is the only way to get out of the mess we are in(2Party system, electoral college, Debt).
11/05/2012 05:45 AMPosted by MogeyBear

Thank you. A vote for true principles is always a good vote.


What the world..needs love..sweet love
It's the..only thing..that there's just..too little of!

Whoever wins, a lot of people will be angry. I don't envy whoever wins.
It doesn't matter who you vote for if you're picking between Romney and Obama. Either way the bond market is going to collapse when the traders realize that long term low interest rates on bonds are smaller than our massive inflation rate. Rates will go up despite the FED and the government wont be able to make interest payments. It will either have to default on debts or inflate the debt away. My vote is for Gary Johnson because he is the only one who would handle this situation properly when it occurs.
Homer Simspon for PRESIDENT!!!! But more seriously, even Homer knows he should vote for Obama.
Why do you Yanks think the president should be able to part the Red Sea?
Up here The Prime minister is the true Antichrist. We live in an elected dictatorship in Canada. When I see some of the foolishness and head scratching ballot issues down there I wonder if there is any sanity. And those religious wackos spewing their hoohaa I really wonder.
I feel cleansed.
By the way I have no issues with individual Americans it's that foreign policy that you want to run the world that scares me.
Romney/Ryan 2012

in obamas own words
if you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters
you make a big election about small things
his entire campain(year) is based on smearing romney
i have been independent for the last 15 years
i have voted democrat and republican
if you dont see that this current administration is not on the side of the people you are blind

and his call last night for revenge ?!
really hope and change
“There are a few things that were disconcerting. The stories about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials — that obviously is not something which is encouraging.”

As someone who had previously been heavily involved in the Olympics, he was asked for his experienced opinion and he gave it. Rude? Denigrating? How about "the honest truth". If he were being rude or denigrating, he would have said something like, "Security sucks! Those guys are amateurs! My grandma could run the Olympics better than that!" The fact that someone highly ranked in the Olympic organization deems his comments offensive does NOT make them offensive. Rank does not equal competence or a lack of bias, especially where politics are involved. Almost every single person that criticizes a politician and makes it into the news is biased. That is, I can almost guarantee that the person involved in the Olympics that deemed Romney's comments as rude had decided to vote for Obama before he had even heard of a man named Romney.

I'm not saying Romney is always honest or even mostly honest, but in this example, he was honest. You are actually getting mad at a politician for being honest. It boggles the mind. The worst you can accuse him of is a lack of tact.

Regarding the person that posted about separation of church and state:

What the constitution says is "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".

The word "respecting" does not mean "with regards to". It means "granting privileged status." That is, Congress cannot pass a law giving any religion special treatment that other religions or non-profit organizations do not receive. So, Congress actually could send tax dollars to a religiously based organization IF they awarded tax dollars to all religiously based organizations meeting a non-biased set of criteria. This would be a royal pain in the rear end to administer though, so it is much easier just to avoid the whole situation, NOT because the Constitution mandates it. It would also cause public outcry if, for example, Congress started giving money to religious orphanages and the Church of Satan started an orphanage that would then be eligible for tax dollars. It's a religion too after all. Even if the money was doled out fairly and impartially, there would be many people whose opinion of what constitutes fair and impartial differs from the opinion of Congress. It's easier just to avoid the situation completely.

The reason for this being in the Constitution is the existence of the state religions of Europe, such as the Anglican Church in England and the Catholic Church in much of the rest of Europe. In at least some cases, these churches were subsidized by tax dollars. Imagine you are a protestant, pagan, or Jew who has lost family members to the inquisition and had your property siezed by the church and yet some of your taxes go to the Catholic church, without your permission. This was not ancient history to the framers of the Constitution. It was current events (maybe not the inqisition part).

Note the part of the Constitution that says "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". That means that anybody, including politicians, can be as religious as they want to be, no matter who that offends. A Jewish person can wear a yamulkah, a Christian can carry a Bible, and a Muslim can throw down a prayer rug and do his thing and the law can't stop it. Politicians can take advantage of this freedom as well. Being elected does not make you non-religious or take away your constitutional rights.

The term "separation of church and state" is sometimes misconstrued to mean that politicians can't be religious. In fact, it is absolutely okay for a politician to openly say or do something in office because of his or her religious beliefs. It's also okay for people to criticize said politician for that act, but the act is NOT inherently unconstitutional just because the motivation behind it was religious. For example, if a politician says, "I am introducing this bill that is against abortion, because abortion is against my religious beliefs.", the religious motivation does not make the bill unconstitutional. It might be judged unconstitutional for some other reason, but not because of the motivation of the politician that created it.

Lastly, "freedom of religion" is not the same as "protection from anything religious that might offend me".
Romney is like a retarted george bush
i think it's funny. 2 threads. nearly 35 pages. only a handful of people even mentioned the federal reserve and the us taking back it's right to print it's OWN money. a LOT of sheeple.

has nothing to do with any president. every since the federal reserve act back in the early 1900s it has done nothing but go downhill. when will people figure out that as long as some other entities control our currency. there is NO possible way to get out of debt.

my 11 month old son's children and all of yours will be paying for debt that is currently being racked up on a DAILY basis.
To be honest, I don't really give a **** who gets elected, I just want to stop hearing Romney say "we need JAHBS"

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