Projax Guide for WD1.0.5-fast legendary farm

Witch Doctor
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Hello my fellow WDs My name is Projax and some of you may already know me from youtube.

I decided to post here my "theorycraft" / build / guide or whatever you think it is ;)

This topic is based on Moldran method how he farm legendary and he said that he is not sure about wd if they can compete WWs in terms of farming mp0-3

So at first lets look on the basic Projax builds. All are focusing on Acid cloud. You may ask why. Well basicaly because its our most powerfull AoE ability.

It all started with this build which I called the running acid:!aTY!ZaccaZ

I used that build alot in 1.0.4 with about 80k dps unbuffed. It was great because when I ran out of mana i could spam firebomb. Also i picked up the pets to soak the ranged attack for me and to tank big nasty mobs.

But so far it wasnt so efficient as zombie bears. So i decided to try something else that could compete other spec (i hate zombie bears)

And then Ive Got the idea about sacrifice dog to gain mana and i called this build The acid king:!ZTY!YabcaZ

I kept the gargantuan because his dmg is great and he still can tank some !@#$ty mobs that could kill me. Anyway I swaped Firebomb for Poison dart because its stronger and great to shot single mobs down.

the big change here is that you are nonstop spawning dogs from killing and then sacrificing them to @%%@**@! elites or to gain mana.

Finaly I got to the point when i gather better gear (150k dps unbuff lifesteel and loh) and then I started to play more offensive.

so this is the final build called The Acid Armagedon:!YZT!YaZcab

the main point of the build is same but still there is big difference. Its completely petless. Instead of Gargantuan We get horify with "sprint" rune that gives us the speed to compete WWs ;)

Now when Im done with the chronology of making my AC based builds .. we can move to the real thing.

there are two youtube videos of mine which represent both the acid king and the acid armagedon build. One is for farm MP3 the other is for MP1.

You maybe ask why the hell are you going low Mps with your gear. Well guys the answer is simple its the most effective way how to lvl up paragon fast and how to get most of the loot. Its quite sad but its true. There is no real reward in going higher MP (above 3).

Im doing 60-70 mil xp/hour both in mp1 and mp3 but in mp1 actualy you get more gear (sadly enought). In Mp1 you almost oneshot everything and elite pack is matter of few seconds. IN MP6 I can stuck on elite pack even for 3 minutes ;)

Here is another question you maybe ask. Why acid rain. Bears are better.

Well not realy bears are realy great for single target or elite packs. But for higher areas AC is unstoppable.

Well this is tought one - At first you realy need one thing to make this build works and its "thing of the deep" which gives you +20 picku radius which is the essence of the build.
You have to stack crit chance and crit hit dmg because those are two primary stats for AC WD.
Remember that Attack speed is just fake dps stat for AC Wds. So dont use items that increase ur dps only because there is attack speed its nonsence.
Try to get LoH or Lifesteel to make you immune to reflect dmg affix

In the videos you can see how you should play and what should you be aware of. MP3farms :
this is older video about how can u make up to 70mil xp per hour with good gear

2.nd MP1farm (moldran method) :
this is the new video where you can realy see that wd maybe the best farming class (or one of the best) with this Ive got like 8 legendaries in 2 hours which is great. Avarage run lasts for about 8-9 minutes and avarage xp per hour is something about 60mil per hour.

So if u like my guide and my videos you can support me on youtube (subscribe to my channel). And you can also ask me ingame for some tips. Im sure im not the greatest WD but Im trying to be atleast usefull for our comunity. I started to make videos because i didnt see any good wd doint that so far :(

Ill keep this updated with new videos and new information (changes in the build) etc.
great post. I changed my skills/passives a little according to your guide here and my farming speed has increased =D thanks!
no problem :)
using Sacrifice with circle of life is a really cool idea. I'll be trying this
indeed. All the build is made to use all of the aspect of pickup radius. gaining mana and fast killing stuff ;)
I use the first build you mentioned and let me just say its pretty awesome. I do not have the gear you do so I am not quite as fast but its still fun.

Thank you for posting the videos and specs.

if you wanna look at my gear tell me what I need to improve to speed up my killing, I would greatly appreciate it :)
Hello Tmlee - I looked into and I must say that you should upgrade ur belt, boots and legs. you need to get atleast 1800 intell . And the biggest upgrade for you will be the mojo. cause u need something with atleaste 80-300 dmg
Thank you Projax
gj op
I felt the exact same challenge when I saw the moldran video that day
tried a couple acid builds like yours
but eventually i just built a 12-mill budget barb and breeze through the alkaizer run on mp3

either way,
respect for letting the wd community know that it's possible
thank you BicheDiVouer ;)
I know there is bilion barbarians out there and only small amount of WD and I wanna change that I want to show everybody taht wd can compete
I've been testing a similar build for the last couple days, i didn't use poison darts, instead i chose to use zombie dogs, so whenever i get stuck for some reason without any dogs and no trash to kill while killing an elite pack i summon some more + if i run low on mana its also useful.

While leveling my paragon I'm not using zuni's instead i have tyraels chest for run speed, so my mana regen isn't the best but the dogs make it a lot easier to get mana back when using the sacrifice pride rune.

This build is viable on mp1-2 without having to use vision quest or zuni's set passives, prob not so, on later mp unless you have good mana regen. Its good for paragon leveling.
sacrifice is giving you the mana - im playing this at mp5 without problems ;)
11/10/2012 12:24 PMPosted by Projax
sacrifice is giving you the mana - im playing this at mp5 without problems ;)

11/10/2012 11:38 AMPosted by cdb
to get mana back when using the sacrifice pride rune.
11/10/2012 12:24 PMPosted by Projax
sacrifice is giving you the mana - im playing this at mp5 without problems ;)

so you must have a good mana pool or decent mana regen with zuni's to make it viable at mp5 or you have 200k dps and are killing fast enough for your dogs to be summoned through the passive
essentially for it to be viable on any MPX , you need to be able to kill an elite pack with two full pools of your mana, the first pool gets used up then you sacrifice your zombie dogs and gain another full pool of mana and then use this up, if you coincidentally have not gained any more dogs through killing anything during this time then you are left with no mana and no dogs and you should lower the mpX level until you can do this for efficient paragon farming OR you can have zombie dogs as a skill as well and use it as backup for when this scenario happens.

If you don't encounter the problem of your mana running out on any mpX then you obviously have good enough gear already and wouldn't need to use this sacrifice build
i dont have 4 zuni or any kind of mana regen. yeah i have 155k dps unbuff
11/10/2012 12:52 PMPosted by Projax
i dont have 4 zuni or any kind of mana regen. yeah i have 155k dps unbuff

Wd have the most interesting builds, are you looking forward to pvp as a wd ?
absolutely. It will be awesome
im hoping they will allow us to hex players in pvp, and using chicken would be hilarious :)

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