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This is a compilation of the proc coefficients for all skills in Diablo III. Tested & confirmed correct for the current patch (1.0.8)

Each class has a tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet for their proc coefficients.
Proc coefficients are listed as both per hit and per second on separate pages.
PvP & PvE proc coefficients are exactly the same

For players who may not know what proc coefficients are: they affect how effectively a skill triggers procs (or effects that have a small chance to activate).

Every skill has a hidden "proc coefficient" that controls how special effects like Life on Hit play out in game. Proc Coefficients (PCs) can more or less be thought of as chance rates. The higher the PC, the more Life on Hit gained or the higher the chance to trigger a special effect. Specifically,

Proc Coefficients affect:
Life on Hit
Item effects (ie. Windforce Knockback)
Skill effects (ie. Wizard Critical Mass)
Life Steal is not affected

· Life gained from LoH = (Total LoH on gear)x(Proc Coefficient of skill used)
ie. A Demon Hunter with a 100 Life on Hit bow attacks a Zombie with Entangling Shot [Heavy Burden] (proc coefficient of 0.8). The Demon Hunter gains 80 Life on Hit (100*0.8=80).

· Chance of an item effect triggering = (Shown effect rate)x(Proc Coefficient of skill used)
ie. Using Multishot, Suppression Fire with a Windforce with 45% Knockback = 7.43% chance to knockback (0.45x0.165x100=7.43)

· Chance of a skill effect triggering = Proc Coefficient of skill used (no fancy math here)

The spreadsheet contains every proc coefficient in the game even damage over time (DOT) proc coefficients for skills like a Wizard's Meteor, and proc coefficients for the Monk's skills with multiple hits like Deadly Reach. This is a Google Doc spreadsheet, so it is limited in features. For this reason, the download to the Excel version is at the top of every class's page on the sheet. The Excel version has prettier formatting and useful things like showing which skills have the highest average proc rate for each class.

Also remember that many skills hit more often than others, and so they proc more often. Ie. Energy Twister on a Wizard is a great skill because of the number of times it ticks per second and scales with attack speed. So take the numbers here, and play with different skills to see which help you best for different situations.

PC = Proc coefficient
DoT = Damage over time
LoH = Life on hit
S/E = Skills/Effects (from items)
PP = Practical proc (Average 'amount of proc' per second for LoH or S/E)

The change log can be found at the bottom of the first Barb tab on the spreadsheet.

Questions/Feedback/etc. are welcome of course.
GJ and thanks, idk if ill ever use this but its nice to have.
Tagged for future reference.
Very nice post and a good change from the common whiny posts here. +1 to you good sir.
Thanks peeps. Asked a friend a few days ago if any such list existed since I needed a few numbers. He told me no, so I had to make this and share with the community.
Thank you. If only blizz could give us these types of lists as player's guides, we'd be set. It amazes me they don't, since they know what we're like as gamers.
Thanks for the info :D
Thanks for the 1.0.5 update, I was curious about a few attacks.
If any thread deserves a sticky, it's this.
This definitely deserves a sticky.
OMG...I love this....TY SO FREAKING MUCH...Gonna save this to my faves.
good post for people that didnt know this already.
Can you specify how did you calculated this?
11/11/2012 02:11 PMPosted by Comi
Can you specify how did you calculated this?

Undercover blizzard represenative... very odd brand new account never used.

Sup blizzard Rep
wtf u blabing about?
sad this isnt readily available information in game and has to be crafted out by players fail arpg.
Thanks very much for this. Been looking for something like this with WD stats for a long time. Very nice.
Thx for all the love peeps ^-^

Can you specify how did you calculated this?

Undercover blizzard represenative... very odd brand new account never used.

Sup blizzard Rep
OMG, *please don't find out which rep I am,please don't find out which rep I am,please don't find out which rep I am*


11/11/2012 02:11 PMPosted by Comi
Can you specify how did you calculated this?

I did this:
- Put gear on the character with very high EHP (armor/resist/vitality/life%), but 0 life regeneration.
- Went to Act I Highlands Crossing waypoint on Inferno Act I.
- Brought 1 monster to the WP.
- Let the monster kill about half my life.
- Using a 100 Life on Hit weapon, I attacked the monster with the skill I was testing. (I attacked several times for validity)
- The amount of Life on Hit that I gained would be equal to the proc coefficient.
- After I got the # I would take the WP to town, switch skills, and continue...

Update: 11/11/12
-- Tested all skills using 1000 LoH for more precise results
-- Monk, Lashing Tail Kick -> Spinning Flame Kick: Fixed proc coefficient (changed to .500 from .660)
-- Witch Doctor, Fetish Army -> Fetish Ambush: Fixed proc coefficient (changed to .100 from .600)
-- Wizard, Blizzard -> All Runes: Fixed proc coefficient (changed to .010 from .025 or .005 from .010)
I've been asking for this for weeks... Why isn't blizzard releasing this data..

Its disappointing how pathetic some of those values are :(

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