Need Echoing Fury w, 1k+ dps, socket, crit %

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I've been actively browsing these forums for about a month or two now and I've learned a lot of information. I've seen that you guys come together and help people from time to time..

I really need to increase my DPS on my Monk, Can anyone please hook me up with an Echoing Fury with 1k+ damage, Socket, and Crit Dmg % (dex would be nice). I would greatly appreciate it. I'm a college student (4th year of my B.A.) and seriously doubt I will ever have the 60,000,000 people are asking for weapons with these stats.. If someone can help me out on here I would be forever grateful!

I know it's a long shot but maybe some of you ballers can help.. Thanks in advance.. I'm about to get on D3 right now so hit me up! I'd also be interested in similar weapons but an Echoing Fury would be verrry niiiice (borat voice)

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