The 1.0.6 Suggestion Thread

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Hey everyone, I wanna make this thread to really reach out to Blizzard, In a constructive manner.

I feel that this game has potential to truly be a great successor to Diablo 2, But there are many things holding it back from greatness, that we the fans we would like Blizzard to rethink or whatnot.

I want the Blizzard employees/Staff to pay attention to us, You say you value our feedback. But, You also say "It's our game, We do what we want with it", With that mindset this game isn't going get to the greatness we as you want it to get. Thus far, only good Patch was 1.0.5 and rest were..meh.

I wanna make a good constructive thread, and what is holding Diablo 3 back, What we would like to see in diablo 3, in 1.0.6 or in future releases for that matter if 1.0.6 has already been outlined just not published publicly yet.

For post's, do keep this constructive and as detailed as possible. Telling Blizzard "Fix the auction house" isn't gonna cut it, you gotta be alot more specific with "fixing the auction house", Set some parameters for goodness sake.
Blizzard, please make HI-RES mouse cursor!! PLEASE PLEASE! Make a little check box for, "Standard Mouse Cursor Size" and "Large Mouse Cursor Size!" How genius would this be?

Also, go the extra mile and allow us to change the color of the cursor so we can better see it in massive battles!! Flo-Green would be awesome! Bright, clear, visible.......!
Not a big deal, but it would be nice to be able to apply dyes to legendary items..
K, thx.

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