Throw Barb Discussion

I recently purchased all the gear needed for a throw barb. Honestly I'm having a crap ton of fun with it. I can kite like no other when needed, I can run past mobs in tight spots, I blaze through runs. The speed Is amazing but capped at 25% sadly. With no cap I would be around 40-50% run speed. Fleeting shrines and run is amazing though. My attacks speed is also pretty insane. 2 attacks a second at base, and with frenzy on who knows. The damage is really nice. Base damage is 60k and stops at 70k with frenzy buff. But doint get me wrong I kill faster than I did with a dual ww at 110k max.With this build you wan't to focus on attack speed, movement speed, and strength. Throw a little crit chance/ damage in there too (no pun intended). There's not a lot of need for vit, 25-30k and you should be fine since your not up in everyones face. You can still take hits too.
Fast attacks / Movement
Increased dps
Faster runs
More enoyable play style
Decreased Survive-ability
Personally, survivability is greatly depends on your gear setup.

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