WTS Full DH Set

Items and Crafting
Im changing my charcter into a barb therfore im selling the full DH set

The set stats are:

dps: 235k
HP: 45K
dex: 2800
Vit: 1100
Armor: 3900
all Resistance: 450+

The current Set on Diablo fourms is not updates.<< the above stats are the correct ones.

My price: either a 4 piece IK barb. or Gold for the DH set taking any offers at the moment.(300m range)

The set has Trificta gloves, Very Tanky Bracers, high Damage amulet, and Nats Set and Innas pants and belt.

The set does mp7 without dying.

add me skullhunt#1788 for fast inquiry! and Thank you

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