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These items are free but none are 'godly'. If interested in anything add me Kabaly#1119 and state which item(s) you are interested in or leave a message here. I get a better kick out of giving items away to ANZ players then 1000g from the vendor :D

*PS: I apologise for the quality of the photos!

Zues - Inna's Glory
PlanetDuck7 - Giant Skull / Cindercoat
MrDinorawr - Depth Diggers

Depth diggers
the grand vizer
innas glory

would help a lot - I added you in game!
th innas would be a great help for me man, i think i played with you last night?
sorry, just noticed zues had called dibs
@Zues, what would you prefer between Vizer & DD?

@Pieman, I only did one run last night, solo! However, I'd be happy to run mp3/4 with you sometime! The Inna's are yours!

*I would like to spread items as thin as possible amongst ANZ just so everyone has a chance to gear up potentially :)
innas glory is prob most pref

soz I wasn't being greedy :P I just trying to get in quick
im good, but im possitive i did a run with you, a wiz and a DH last night! give the pants to zues man, i'll live without :)
@ Zues, yeh it's all good! Obviously if no one else wants the items you can have them after a week! Awkward, I guess first in best dressed so I'll give you the Inna's pants.

@ Pieman, if I find any set monk gear, I'll hit you up first, cause I feel bad now!
@Pieman, lol maybe we did do a run, it's jogging my memory!
im more after WD gear lol, Zuni's chest would make me happy, but im sure the 20 mill + would make you pretty happy too lol
Pieman: firstly. Love your username. Secondly. I got some old monk gear for ya wen u hit 60 (inna splendor, couple of fist items too)
thanks Wazz, but im looking for pants for my Witch doctor, i love playing him
kabaly are you on or going to be on tonight?
There's nothing there I really need, but it's awesome to see the ANZ community helping each other out.
I got some legendary items from a couple of runs last night, they're of no use to me, but they may help someone else out, I'll post 'em up later.
the anz community is by far the best lol. everyones so much more helpful and far less "keyboard warrior". also i assume we are far better looking than other communities
10/25/2012 07:28 PMPosted by PIEMAN
thanks Wazz, but im looking for pants for my Witch doctor, i love playing him

Cant help ya. Hate WD's :p all the pets n throwing up annoys me greatly
hey man, if you still got them i'd love the giant skull and cindercoat :)
The DDs would be cool if you still have them. :)
I'll be on tonight (5-6:30, 8pm+ Bris) please add me then PM me in game for what items you would like!!

Like I said in my OP it's a lot better feeling to give to players in our community. I'm rewarded by having more people on my friends list, which repels my solo run boredom!
i would like depth diggers please i cant afford them at ah

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