how much will you pay DH above you?

Demon Hunter
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Burning: 800 - 1b I guess.
Paksonghip: Yummy 200K DW! Come over to the dark side and get a DML :-)

250mil for you gear, if only because I'd want a tad more more all res...
^^ 1 bill? Not sure on market of legacy gear

@Nya 2.5-3b?
@jokerz 750 mil to 1.5 bil, I kind of suck at appraising gear w/o look @ the AH
@yaners Maybe 400M?
@Snooze Maybe 2.5 bil
@mrfox 650-900m
around 1.5b+. mostly for the ring and the weapon.

2-4billion maybe ?
nice hellfire ring btw
@DRKILucifer, I would say 100-200Mil
@DarkWarrior, I would pay around 500-800mil- Several nice items
@avulsions probably 750m ish??
@ mfr2908 300M maybe 350M
@oscar ~675m/750m

You're nat's boots are sexy.
01/16/2013 09:58 AMPosted by inebriat3d
You're nat's boots are sexy.

Thank you very much! I got them for a steal. I really only "paid" about 150M worth of items for them.
lucky bastard. my non-leg nats boots are <200 dex with 80 vit :(

I feel like selling my barb to upgrade the living !@#$ out of my dh
^around 200 mill I guess?

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