how much will you pay DH above you?

Demon Hunter
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mine is just a budget meal. anyone has a clue how much i got?
@hida ide say you are worth about 400m or so. mostly off your mempo, vile wards, and gloves
@lazer - very nice LN4 set you have there. I'd say 2-2.5b in terms of gear valuation. However pricing for a good LN4 will be subject to the demand need in PvP.
3 bill
@brucetrails your profile is empty
@ Ochi 1B give or take

1.2b - 1.5b
@ peebee
your manti is gfg

2-2.4 bil
@ keegan
2 - 5 bil?

2.5 billlion

decent DML
^ I would estimate about 10 billion
^ About 1.5b?

Nice gear though :)
@ Hades (Furrias), about 600-650M
@Oscar- ermm around 750mil- 1bil..
Nightmare-I would estimate around 1.5b

400 mil. Save up for a witching hour to replace your rare belt.
@Sephiroth I'd say around 1.5~2b

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