WTF ?? Got kicked off game and rolled back

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I was just kicked of my game a few mins ago. I found a legendary worth something (IK chest), my best find in awhile ... and now I came back a min later, it's GONE !!!

WTF do you do a roll back on an existing game ???
I IDed 40 rares and got kicked out, and now I have to re-id 40 rares ;(
At least you didn't lose something you picked up :( This is frustrating ... getting something then lost it w/o warnings of any kind .... Totally fuxed up !!
Lol? How can this happen.

Im playing justs fine but wtf? lol
11/01/2012 01:56 AMPosted by Tagle
I IDed 40 rares and got kicked out, and now I have to re-id 40 rares ;(
They are pre rolled when you drop them, identifying them is just taking the wrapper off an item that already is set in stone.
Happened to me just a few minutes ago. all my loot and my crafted gems gone. Even the arrangement of items in my stash was reverted to how it was a few minutes before i got kicked out.
sounds like another of blizz great programing lol

blizzard, shot the programers and get new ones, the ones you have now sucks
gratz! you've just found a way how to dupe items
is this the game got terminated?

didn't notice if i lost items.. nothing to lose though. :)
Hmm I thought my experience was lower than it was when I logged back in.
Lose a Depth Digger with 2 slots..:(
bought a sweet items on AH, didnt go to my invt
Same thing happened to me. Zunnimassa boots dropped and couple minutes later "This game has been terminiated" and then rolled back to just before I got the boots. Didn't get to ID them but it makes you wonder what they could have been and if this rollback was intentional.

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