Thanks for the drop rate LOL

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Thanks blizzard i found :---
bad pic but since my eyesight kicks !@# looks like you got yourself a pretty nice roll on that IK

grats bruh
Nice. I need to find one of those. i keep getting skorns and hellracks though =/
Hey not bad at all!:D
sold 1 skorn for 30m, hmm damn never drop witching.....
Item was sold for 250 USD
Damnn.. 250 USD. Gratz man
wow ... that vit roll is insane. nice one man
That is an awesome Immortal King chest armor roll, congrats! I found two decent upgrades for my Demon Hunter last night but nothing like that.
wow but u should have gotten more if u sold that for gold. im pretty sure a lot would be bidding worth 5b+ in that
when is it gonna be my turn lol... lucky git
always a bridesmaid, never the bride

.....Someone actually paid 250$ :p
Bad dude, $250 is nothing, that armor is 2B gold easy, much more than $250. Who ever bought it has probably already sold it for gold, and is selling the gold for much more.
Should have sold for gold, would have gone for 1b+ = $500
Wow, that is one sick IK chest. But yeah, you got ripped off if you did indeed sell for $250. D:
Unreal that people get drops like this and on top of it roll stats like this....

I'm still waiting for my first set item to drop...perhaps I haven't put enough time in???

Yes I'm jealous and bitter...almost 500 hours and I can still count on 1 hand all the legendaries found...blizzard's RNG works really well

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