Best/Worst/Dissapointing games.

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Best. Final fantasy 3 "SNES"

Worst. Final fantasy 13 anything above 10. "Ps3"

Mos D. Diablah 3
Best and worst lists would be to many to try and narrow down. Maybe best by genre would be doable.

Most disappointing is easy though, Skyrim. Never in my life have I experienced such let-down from such overblown hype before. This would certainly be a contender for worst game of all time, as well as holding the absolute crown for over-hype then under-deliver.

D3 was far more disappointing than Skyrim from my POV. What exactly were you expecting from Skyrim that was so far from the mark? It delivered exactly what it said it would deliver. D3 did not at allllllllll
Well, I can see from the response to my post that this thread isn't supposed to be about personal opinion. It's supposed to be what games did everyone else tell you that you didn't enjoy. My bad. I thought it was supposed to be what underwhelmed us individually.

With Skyrim I expected a fun game that would have weeks of gameplay. I expected the hyped 'massive story and immersive game-play'. I expected something that could justify every review saying it was one of the greatest games of all time. Not a game that I installed, leveled my character to max level standing in the fist major city I was in (what a horrible leveling system) then a few hours to finish the story. Within 48 hours the game was done, and it was a horribly boring 48 hours that felt like a bad remake of Stonekeep from 1990. It was the same play interface, with a worse leveling system and equally generic appearance and story.

I had never played any of the other games in the series, but had always heard good things so I fell for the hype. My mistake and all that jazz, lesson learned. I should have long learned that when things are hyped up that much, they inevitably underwhelm.

It pretty much convinced me by itself to never look at it's designers games again. I really do honestly feel I have never played a worse single player RPG in my life. Remember that is purely my opinion based on my experience with the game. I don't care if every single other human being on earth loved it, FOR ME it was the worst experience I have ever had with a game of it's genre.

Honestly D3 delivered me exactly what it said it would. A generic, no thought monster *@!#**#@, that would require re-running the same content over and over to get the cool gear. Exactly what D1 and D2 delivered me. Again, every other person on earth could think differently, that's fine, I got what I paid for with this one.
i don't know, too many.

most frustration in public games i had in Left 4 dead. its unbelievable how many dumb plain noobs destroying public games.

But i don't get why Hellgate is dying. WHY? W H Y ?
I'll stick to PC

Best game: WoW (still playing it after 8 years says it all.)

Worst game: Too many to tell.

Most disappointing game: Unfortunately I have to say Diablo 3

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