If you had to pick one most hated affix

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Reflect Damage - Monk

18k+ Elite Kills.
Minions + Reflect Damage.

Both in tandem make it tough, especially with 8 things running around overwhelms my damage mitigation.
WW barb, I guess most hated would be waller because its the only one that is of any consequence at all, it slows me down.

Also, maybe extra health on MP10, cause that adds so much time to kill, again, inconvenient.

Barbs... So op.
Reflect damage!
Arcane beams, hands down.
hardcore WD, waller

combined with everything else it makes it difficult to beat a hasty retreat
Most hated affix: entitlement
Vortex. "Oh were you trying to control your character? get !@#$ed."
Molten. I'm a monk. It's practically an insta kill.
Hard to pick a single affix. None of them by themselves give me issue, though when coupled with other affixes these are the ones that give me the biggest headaches

With my DH: Waller or Missile Dampening
With Barb and Monk: Fire Chains or Arcane Ench
I love missile dampening haha! My favorites in the game! Just because i play dh tho, watching all my arrows slowly crawl to them and eventually it hits them all at once for a huge chunk :) makes me feel more geared than i really am lolol
DH - Waller - just anoying really cos it takes me out of the game while the wall is up and I can't shoot through the wall. Although combined with anything nasty like Arcane then I'm toast.

WW Barb - Molten - It's so ouchy on the feet. I can only compensate with life steal off of white mobs that run in to suicide in my cloud of nades, and of course the white mobs soon dry out and I'm left with the $%&*#$ elites that won't stay still and leak lava everywhere. Combine that with extra health and I might as well go back to town and let the DH's/Wiz/WD deal with the mob.

Fave of the Barb is illusionist cos its more bods to life steal off of.
Plays: Witch Doctor

Hate: Waller

blocks every attack, even acid cloud ( which makes no sense). Slows the game down. I have some fights where for 4 or 5 seconds i'm trapped between 2 or 3 walls, just sitting there like an idiot because none of my attacks can make it over the mighty 5 foot high wall.
Def waller. Affixes rarely affect me but waller just !@#$s my attack streams up. Srsly annoying
If i can pick a fav affix it must b missile dampening.
Bl+missile dampening is uber fun
RD for sure, I can handle everything else pretty well.

RD just means it takes me longer to kill the elites, wasting my time.

get better gear and higher DPS...end of story.
11/02/2012 07:25 AMPosted by AxisYellow
On my DH I really hate the A2 Keywarden due to his Missle Damp. and "off-screen" mortars.

I HAD<<< to login because of this...WTF?!?!?!

my FAVORITE is missle damp and im a DH, its the best affix and makes range, GOD-LIKE
i run up...shoot maybe 20 ball lightings...step back...they slowly move by his body...boom...takes me maybe 20 seconds on mp6 to kill him
that affix is awesome...

this is the 3rd time ive seen a DH say they dont like missle damp... -facepalm-


DH- and the one i hate the most would be waller in small corridors...blocks my arrows -_-
DH - I love missile damp honestly. But, the affix I dislike the most is waller... lol I'd rather fight reflect damage than a waller affix.
waller is lame i wish we could break the walls with dps...but Reflects damage is stilll the worst.

i'm a WD
Don't even have to read past the OP's post, we all know whats going to crop up.

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