If you had to pick one most hated affix

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I have no problem with specific affixes, but in combinations with each other, they can be such a pain.

Waller, Jailer, Frozen, Arcane. Worst !@#$ Ever.
Desecration....im a tanky monk.
I dont really know that kind of damage it is but it DEVOURS my hit-points. its just crazy and when you run into a Champ pack of 4.....your done lol
11/02/2012 08:09 AMPosted by Tiakatt
Yeah, and the 1 second delay is a tad annoying as well.

The best thing about that delay is fighting the A2 Keywarden with Bola. He has that missile dampening field, which is usually no big deal. And he's a dervish so he can deflect your projectiles back at you. Easy solution to this ability is usually to stop firing for a moment.

So you're fighting this Warden, fire off a few bolas, they're sitting slowly moving toward him in that missile dampening field...and he spins up. Those shots are already in the air, you can't take them back. Simply stopping your attacks as usual won't work, it's too late. And there are several of them there. Now you have 2+ Bolas on your face and a second or two to realize just how utterly screwed you are before taking their massive damage ;)

Yeah, funny though the deaths from that are, I don't fight him with Bola anymore. I seem to take less damage using other abilities.

Act 2 warden? just use hungering arrow from afar. Position yourself so that you can see the edge of the missile dampening field (just the edge or slightly before the edge), fire, and then you'll go off unscratched. Guaranteed! True story.

On topic:

Waller (plus other affixes) as a DH is the most annoying affix.

I started D3 as a Monk and later leveled a barb. For melee classes, molten is nasty sometimes. Especially those molten frozen fast jailer Soul Lashers.
Desecration....im a tanky monk.
I dont really know that kind of damage it is but it DEVOURS my hit-points. its just crazy and when you run into a Champ pack of 4.....your done lol

Desecrate rapes you because you're geared awfully for tanking, dpsing, and anything else for that matter.
The combination of Teleporter and Fire Chains can be particularly irksome. Vortex can be nasty paired with certain affixes, too.
Molten - I'm a Barbarian.
Jailers. Noting worse then being jailed on top of desecration. Or the blue elites with wallers (since they just end up locking you in a triangle or glitching you INSIDE one of the walls most of the time...
I play all classes but I focus on the female Wizard (I'm male but like the female voice better because it's from the same woman that did Avatar, yay).

I dislike the fact that monsters can have several affixes. It isn't like most players can have several nasty things going on at once.

I especially hate arcane. There is no character class ability that comes close to this one. You can run around it if you're not walled or frozen, but monsters like to cast arcane right on you while having molten fire or poison pools on the ground. If they cast the pivot point of the arcane spell on you, you lose life much faster until you move. I think I have arcane affix envy..and I play Wizard... it's sad that monsters have a cooler arcane spell and illusion spell than the Wizard.. (yeah the Wizard mirror image spells are all lame unless you're trying to increase crowd control on monsters with stunning or freezing; the Wizard's mirror image spell doesn't even work correctly... they say it works as intended but why do they intend that the mirror images cannot cast most of the Wizard's useful spells?? why? .. it's just a lame limitation of the spell...)...
god, i never have an issue with a single affix, always a combo, especially Illusionist + Fire chains or Illusionist + Molten
There are so many annoying affixes to choose from that it's almost impossible to decide on just one.

If I had to pick one I suppose it would be waller. The best for me is waller/mortar, where I'm moving away from a mortar round and a wall appears and redirects my movement into another mortar. That is so fun.

That's the challenge. Picking just one. For me, every other affix, as annoying as they are, are simply amplified due to waller. Waller in itself is just fine, one of the few affixes that doesn't actually hurt. It just causes most other affixes to sometimes be unavoidable.

As a DH, I can vault back out of vortex; smoke screen desecrator, molten, plagued, jailer, mortar; gloom reflect damage; stun fast; AoE illusions, and so forth. Walls just make all that considerably more difficult. That's why it's my top hated affix even though on its own, it's pretty benign.

Wallers were pain in the !@#, not anymore. If I get walled off, I just smoke screen and vault back in the direction of the elite monster (with trail of cinders I deal some damage, too): it usually works, the key is not to panic.
For my DH, the worst affix would probably be vortex...especially combined with frozen - getting vortexed right at the time when the frost novas explode really suck.

Almost everything else is survivable, except for damn vortex. "See that nest of 10 arcane sentries? Oops! You're in the middle of it. GG."

(DH / Barb)
Jailer, when WTOB is on Cooldown, other than that, probably Arcane Sentry
a gold elite waller is no problem. since the walls are always placed in a U formation where the only exit is where the enemy's coming from. A quick vault by the DH is all that it needs and you need to be careful if it's also molten...
But when you're fight a blue elite mob with waller, this is where the problem starts... They put only one wall, but on 3 different spots and almost any configuration. They will block most of your shots. at times they will literally wall you in (worse than jailer since you can't break it) and you won't be able to move... and if they're also desecrator? you'll be saying the word that starts with 15 hexadecimal. And then you encounter the blue elite pack of 4 and things just get annoying as you'd end up getting walled in indefinitely until they kill you or your minion kill them (ha! yeah right!)

I'm a barb player.

Frozen doesn't hurt in itself, but it makes any kind of offensive affix even more effective. If the elite pack itself is formidable, it makes them even worse. Also when frozen orbs is deployed, it stops me from attacking them and keeps me on the defensive, preventing me from charge and finishing off the pack. Frozen + any defensive affix just makes it longer to kill the pack.
RD, fast used to be my number one...but now it's without question RD...

for me it's getting intellect on that really good barb item. I mean what a waste of an affix... jeez
fire chains
seeing a lot of vortex mentioned. you know that any sort of doodad on the ground will block vortex, health well, shrine, a random brick on the ground, even hugging a corner
As a barb I'd say fear cuz its just so annoying, out of nowhere being shot out of the pack like a rocket. Other than that, anything that immobileses me from ww'ing.

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