If you had to pick one most hated affix

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11/05/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Vortex and Molten are probably the top contenders.

Vortex is pretty easy to deal with since you can just use pretty much any obstruction (including corners, sometimes even staying right by a wall) and it will only make your character hop a bit but pretty much stay in the same area.

Molten is a bit different. With the experience with my monk I found that if you attack below the monster with molten, you won't take as much damage of course this depends if they are just attacking you and not running around like most ranged attackers. Basically it's just not stepping in the fire and retreating if needed to have a new area free of fire.

However these two affixes really depend on what monsters they spawn with so it's quite hard to be absolutely sure how to counter them the best way.

For my DH all affixes are quite easy, just not some of the monsters that spawn with them. Only Reflect Damage takes me awhile since you are pretty much fighting yourself (and my awesome LoH/LS xbow has only 900ish damage which is a bit low).
Health-Link: It reduces the amount of healing you get from lifesteal by 1/3-1/4 since 1.05.

Smash Barb
I'd have to say waller at all difficulties, but only on blue packs. I can't shoot through it (which makes sense, but it's really annoying), but monsters can still punch through it (which makes no sense at all). It's not so bad on gold packs though, because they never put the walls between them and you.

On low difficulties I find shielding to be the most annoying, it lasts like 3-4X as long to wear off as it does to kill them, so it makes me spend a lot more time killing them than normal. On higher difficulties, I have the most issues with molten, it hurts like hell, and due to how long it lasts, it forces me as a DH to either kite in a more-or-less straight line (which usually pulls in a whole bunch of other stuff, making it generally more difficult), or take a massive amount of damage to kite past them to keep the combat area manageably small. Also waiting out the explosion to pick up loot is its own brand of annoying, but isn't really a huge issue.
i actually have no problem with anything at all, but i use a technique(idk if im the only one who uses it) that when i see an elite pack for example, i somehow move around to gather them together, and use Shooting Star on them and do enormous damage with other moves and stack them up and kill them almost immediately, unless it's inferno MP2 or above, then it takes slightly more time...
so in that case, Reflect Damage.. cuz suddenly im dead..

DH here.. DH since day 1 :P
Slow time bubbles on uber Kulle is my most hated affix.

It makes the whole solo hellfire ring farming dumb and frustrating.
Reflect damage and waller as a DH. Both are stupid
Waller, waste my time......
#1 Vortex
#2 Reflect
#3 Arcane
#4 Frozen
#5 Waller
DH-Waller (Pretty tricky, a game of luck on how they locked you in dead ends XD)
Barb-Jailer (Cant WW if WoTB is down)
Wiz-Frozen (Cant move-cant spam CM build XD)
Monk-Anything that immobilizes me from escaping Molten/Desecrator/Plaque/Arcane when Serenity is down
WD-Dont have a WD :p
Nothing like running into a blue pack of 4 mobs with vortex, frozen and molten/desecrator. As I'm running away I'm suddenly pulled onto a desecrator pool with an ice bomb going off and with at least 15 more ice bombs going off on me in less than 2 seconds. Complete loss of control perma frozen and slowly dying.
Reflect Damage when paired with Shielding and Extra Health. Worse case scenario for my Monk seems to be when this affix combo is being used by Champ packs of Blood Occultists on Act3. They run away so much, have a huge pool of health with shielding and the RD just makes it so hard to really plow into them. ....the fight lasts a fortnight on high MP.
fast WD
I used to HATE fast but it feels significantly nerfed.

Probably waller, jail, knockback then frozen. Anything that !@#$s with your ability to play your character. I like how the mobs are being given inherent resists to Crowd Control, when the AI literally can't give a %^-* but us humans get to just eat it.

Funny, after posting this I jumped in to play a bit and realized that molten is pretty annoying, if only because you have to sit there and stare at the molten lump grow and pop for 10 seconds every pack while waiting to pick up your loot unless you feel like eating it.
Everyone has a different most hated affix. I've heard all different answers for this question.

For individual affixes I'd say I hate extra health and health link. But even then it's not a hate, just those 2 are the worst for me to deal with. But I enjoy the challenge.

But . . . no affixes are in isolation. And it's the combos that can get really nasty. Individually easy to get past affixes that are nasty in a combo.
I have no particual least favorite.

I did come across a pack of soul lashers in Act 3 that really agravated me earlier though.
Horde - Vortex- Arcane Enchanted - I Think the last one was jailer, not sure though
there were beams everywhere and I kept getting sucked back into them when I'd move.
Vortex + any high ground DMG effect.

Worst bloody thing in the game... that and running after an elite extra HP blood clan shaman.
Jailer for my WW barb, stops my progress and make me just stand there

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