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Monk here, and Molten on Succubi. ALL OF MY RAGE
I started kite wizzy, I wasnt a fan. By the time I went DH, it was a thing of the past. My most hated combination is the !@#$%^-ed leapers in act 1 with fast , molten, shielded. Followed up by soul lashers and phasebeasts.
Frozen is by far the worst for me.

I can tank everything else without moving on account of high resists/dps and life steal constantly regenerating lost life, but frozen forces me to move.
Most hated: Illusionist followed by Fast - All classes
Illusionist/Molten - Monk (my main)
Vortex - WD
Extra Health/Mortar - DH or Wiz

None of my 7 characters have crazy DPS, as such Reflect Damage has never been a challenge for me. It's as non-threatening as Missile Dampening and Vampiric.
WW Barb - molten hits the hardest but most annoying is extra health run away elites

sometimes I just skip them because I can go take out 3 packs in the time it takes to chase them down
I don't really hate any of the affixes. I do have a current dislike. I dislike reflect damage, not because it gives me a hard time, which it doesn't, but because it's on 75% of the packs I fight. Yeah, they're totally not looking at builds/gear when determining affixes on mobs.
No one affix is bad. It's the combo that gets me. I can avoid stuff all day, but fear me into an arcane or knockback into molten, firechain while jailed, etc. Monk, by the way
I can't really say there's ONE hated affix. I think they're all pretty easy to deal with on their own. However, I do think some combo's are way more annoying than others, like extra health/reflect damage, arcane/horde for instance.
My main is a wiz.
And the one that pulls you closer to the mob.
It's not a big of a deal when I use teleport to get away again, but when it's on cooldown and the mobs do that 3-4 times it's pretty annoying.
Also, fast is soooooooo annoying.
The most annoying affix when playing my DH is easily vortex. Wallers can be annoying in tight spaces, but vortex is the worst imo.
As a barb molten, since it does so much more damage then any other affix and since you have to melee the damn monster you are therfore pigeonholed into high life on hot or life steal builds, no other way around it.

Just love the arcane, molten, horde, fast combo thats just 100% hp 0% hp in 0.2 seconds.
RD because it's like a punishment to player, not a challenge.
11/02/2012 08:09 AMPosted by Tiakatt
Yeah, and the 1 second delay is a tad annoying as well.

The best thing about that delay is fighting the A2 Keywarden with Bola. He has that missile dampening field, which is usually no big deal. And he's a dervish so he can deflect your projectiles back at you. Easy solution to this ability is usually to stop firing for a moment.

So you're fighting this Warden, fire off a few bolas, they're sitting slowly moving toward him in that missile dampening field...and he spins up. Those shots are already in the air, you can't take them back. Simply stopping your attacks as usual won't work, it's too late. And there are several of them there. Now you have 2+ Bolas on your face and a second or two to realize just how utterly screwed you are before taking their massive damage ;)

Yeah, funny though the deaths from that are, I don't fight him with Bola anymore. I seem to take less damage using other abilities.

can't you just hit smoke screen ?
I play all 5 classes.
As a barb : Molten. Since I (finally) gave up on my frenzy build and went WW, nothing really hurts me, I WW through arcane sentries and don't even lose that much health. But molten mobs force me to either constantly be in the fire, or to move away from the main group.

As a DH : Reflect damage. Everything else is trivial.

As a WD : Reflect damage, but it isn't quite as bad ( due to less damage and leeching summons )

As a monk : Desecrator, especially when combined with something like molten/plagued/lasers. Having to constantly move a few feets to avoid standing in stuff.

As a wizard : My wiz suck, so all of them? Fast I guess.

I feel that overall, desecrator is the melee's bane, and reflect damage ( obviously ) the ranged one.
Waller this is the most ridiculous affix of all for all my classes. Walls being built right through my characters body so I can't move, wall spam, wallers in hallways and wallers in hallways with arcane, my DH can lob cluster bombs over regular walls but a wallers tiny wall nope not a chance. I can't believe someone finished coding this ridiculous affix tested it and walked away feeling happy with what they created then again they turned Diablo into a lady and were happy with that so anything is possible with this Diablo team. Bottom line these affixes were meant to defeat bots, its like they totally ignored that humans would be playing Diablo 3.
I'm suprised to see some of the results on the thread. As a monk and melee, I'm hating Molten when I have to deal with casters that run away. First instinct is to chase them, and I drain my health foolishly following them.

As a monk : Desecrater, especially when combined with something like molten/plagued/lasers. Having to constantly move a few feet to avoid standing in stuff.

I find Desecrater as the easiest to deal with, more as a monk because of Serenity and Seven Sided Strike (invulnerabilities and CC control), but any class should be fine with it unless there's a Jailer around. My general rule for Desecrate is to move about every 2-3 seconds, avoids it almost every time.
Arcane Sentry or Desecration

I'm a Wiz.

As a Wiz...definitely Vortex...

I die due to the arcane sentries/desecration/molten/frost ....but the only reason they work against me is because of the Vortex...

I hate Fast mobs, I can never get away
I play a wizard. Reflects Damage still presents some difficult situations.

When I do die, it's usually from being at low life from Reflect Damage mobs(and it's not like creatures can't add on their own damage to make things worse).

I have lifesteal, but it's not enough when I am using Archon. I love when I have to stop doing damage with Archon because I'm killing myself. I get to say "good bye Archon...sorry I can't keep using you". I'll guess I'll just run around for a while doing small amounts of damage and hope they drop some health globes so I can finish them off...hurray! :) Or maybe there is a zone point nearby so I can hit the healer, joygasm!

At least they've finally commented that some adjustments need to be made to Reflects Damage because of monsters with extra health or the health of monsters at higher MP levels. There should be some balancing coming in the not too distant future.

I don't mind tough monster affixes that I can strategically work around...but this isn't one of them. I'm also not in favor of being forced to get a certain item affix because of the chance of one monster affix appearing. And yes I like to QQ, sorry :) I just want the game to be fun in all aspects damnit!
pretty much anything plus vortex. Vortex arcane probably the worst. Next is vortex 'soup' (plague/molten/ or desecrator).

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