The patch won't apply

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I've been trying to sign in since Halloween and it keeps saying it needs to apply the patch and will restart and it continues the vicious cycle it does not make it to checking credentials in the start up

Try this:

1. Make sure that Windows is set to show hidden files.

Here's how to do that:

2. Navigate to the C:\ProgramData folder and delete the folder.
3. Navigate to the DIablo III folder and delete the "Updates" folder.
4. Launch Diablo III.

Let me know what happens.
I am having the same issue as aDiDaZRyDeR, Dankorii what you posted did not work for me...
It didn't work for me either
nothing happend I even shut off the firewall and checked peer to peer
Im also having this issue.

i can type in my details then when it connects to battle net it says that it must close to apply patch then just cycles back and nothing happens
bump for crap-ness
My case is similar but a little different:
I thought it was my game that was broken,
so i download it again.
When it hit 100%, I clicked on play. It loads fine.
I got into the game, and even played it for a few minutes.
Then I quit and restarted windows,
and relaunched it, but this time, it says "initializing..."
with a progress bar at 0.0% and nothing is happening.
same problem why can't blizzard fix this ??
So i take it, i am going to have to uninstall then reinstall for me to play again huh...

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