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How spambots work:

1. Create a character named Blizzard01 on a compromised account.

2. Spam chat.

3. Delete character when it's muted and/or account is banned.

4. Repeat steps 1-3.

35 seconds ago

Character names don't show up in chat. Only your account name. So how hard would it be to not allow an account that uses "Blizzard" in the name. And is it even possible to change your account name?
With all due respect, I must disagree. I am into retirement age and am not very familiar with computers and the internet. I could easily have been taken advantage of if I hadn't read this post. I am sure there are many people of my age and background out there who would admit the same.
If I found a magic lamp and was granted 3 wishes, 1 of them would be to appear at the computer desk where one of these scammers is operating from and beat him until his skull cracked. The only thing I would feel bad about is if his wife and kids didn't get to watch him be beaten so severely.

What they do is theft, plain and simple.
I love the ones that say something about Diablo 3 in the subject and the body is all about WoW.

Those phishing emails are so easy to spot 99% of the time. And I don't want to block them: they're hilarious!
Another thing about the address you're replying to.

A lot of time you'll see this symbol in the addres repeatedly: %

If you do, it's not a Blizzard e-mail/address, although it may start out that way.

Good luck.
The english in that email is simply atrocious.
What you posted is a phishing email and did not originate from Blizzard Entertainment. Your best bet is to forward that email to so that our Hacks team can look into it, and then report that email as phishing or spam and add the sender to your "blocked senders" list.

You can find out more about phishing emails [url=" "]here[/url].

So how many players need to do this? Millions? I reported (%^$**&) 5 times myself and know many others did and 2 weeks later still getting messages.
I get these a lot on an account that's been closed for over 2 years now. So all I do is laugh and delete.
11/06/2012 07:43 PMPosted by Wtflag
The english in that email is simply atrocious.

It must be a new one cause the ones i get daily are fairly good English wise although even if I dint know specifically it is a scam there is usually something that gives it away. But if someone was fairly new to Blizzard games I could see them mistakenly falling for this. Only reason so many of us do not is because we have been already duped by something similar from playing another Blizzard title.

Been playing online games since there was online games and Blizzard is the only company with so many of these issues. Other games you might come across some gold spam or the odd phish scam but Blizzard allows every scam ever thought of in its games. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of scams i have seen in Blizzard titles.

Not hard to figure out why though when as far as Blizzard and the fanoys are concerned it is always 100% the players who got Trade scammed, account compromised, or tricked into a phishing scams fault. Never Blizzards. Get an authenticator indeed.
I got whispered in game by some scammer threatening a ban if i didn't go to their website and e-mail them my account info.

so pathetic...

reported his !@#

If any of you run into a situation like this, make sure to select the harassment option for reporting a player while in-game. It not only fits that category (a threat is harassment), but it will also flag for immediate (read: urgent) review by a GM, and thus result in a much lower chance of too many people being targeted by such a player. Just be careful to only do this if you are actually threatened by said player. If you are not threatened, but are "directed" to a third party site, select the Exploit option, as the action(s) fall under players exploiting (in this case, exploiting other players).

You can also email the team at or use their webform for reporting hacks and exploits found here:

Be sure to include detailed information, including the player's name or BattleTag if possible.

What good would it do considering Blizzard01 is still spamming people in the in-game chat rooms? Everyone knows he's been reported a few hundred times.

It actually does do good. The more reports Blizzard receives, the more accurate their trail leading to the proper perpetrators is, and thus proper actioning becomes easier due to abundance of evidence.

11/06/2012 03:23 PMPosted by Sparzy666
I've gotten 1 of these every day for the last 2 months or so, i have forwarded a number of them to mostly i just delete them. The funny thing is the email address the scammers send this to isnt the one i have tied to Diablo 3.

They likely got your email from a fansite database. It is an unfortunate reality that such sites often sell email lists to pay for costs/earn profits. Not all do, but there are those that use this practice.

11/06/2012 03:25 PMPosted by Agmo
If you opened it you should also run a virus scan .A lot of them have viruses attached to you just opening them you don't even have to reply to get hacked.

Unless the user manually executes any attachments and/or has disabled the default settings for most email clients, which prevent automatic execution of any code, this shouldn't happen. Virus Scans are still an important and good practice to make use of though.

Blizzard isn't doing a good job securing player emails and cell phones. I say this because after I signed up for the authenticator, I started receiving spam texts addressed to my bnet name.

There was a recent data breach with regard to three months ago, but players received notification long ago to change their email and passwords. In fact, issued an automatic mandatory password reset push as a result of that breach. This is the only known time Blizzard's servers/data centers have been breached, so if you failed to change your email, then you'd continue getting those messages. If you are still getting those messages, I would strongly suggest that you change your account email address, preferrably to one that is used only for

Blizzard does not sell email lists, and as such, taking that one step can go a long way toward securing your account and preventing spam.

Also, remember that nobody from Blizzard will ever ask for your account login, password, or secret question information. Any information requested by Blizzard is done directly by their Customer Service/Billing Departments, and will be direct identification of the person holding the account (a faxed photo ID).

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Every time I get one of those I forward them to hacks. Hope that helps :/
I almost thought it was true until I see the wrong gramme r lol
Getting tons of this mails, send fiew to the rest automaticly lands in my spam folder. Reading the e-mail it was sent from is enough to see its not from Blizz. In my case the majority of e-mails is from the servers.
u can spot these scams easily w/o even opening the email. if it is truly from blizzard, the senders email address will be anything else is a scam.
You people are just soooooo mean !!!

Noone deserves nothing else that to be able to play nicely and without that kind of problem.

I receive this email , and I sure fall . Playing in english with american servers , and I am french .

All buddies don't have the luck to have a critical view of the stuff . And most of them just don't wish any harm to befall anyone.

Why do you ?
How spambots work:

1. Create a character named Blizzard01 on a compromised account.

2. Spam chat.

3. Delete character when it's muted and/or account is banned.

4. Repeat steps 1-3.

35 seconds ago

Character names don't show up in chat. Only your account name. So how hard would it be to not allow an account that uses "Blizzard" in the name. And is it even possible to change your account name?

Then they are burning through different D3 copies (most likely purchased with stolen credit cards) because reporting them as spam mutes the account.

I do agree with you, though, about blocking Blizzard or Blizz as an account name.
Got the exact same email today, it's funny... I've had Diablo 3 since launch, and haven't received any emails like this until the day that I finally decide to use the Real Money Auction House.....

Makes me wonder how secure that transaction really was. >.>

Forwarded to
Actually, I lied. My favorite emails are talking about my WoW account. Why?

1. They (at least used to) have an blatantly non-existent patch name as their background. (Fields of Twilight or something stupid.)

2. I'm not sure which is more obvious, that this is a phishing email or the moon falling onto my house. (I think the moon falling onto my house....but not by all that much.)


Edit: Strange offer from Blizzard (not a scam), WoW, Burning Crusade, Lich King, and 30 (Probably won't play it, but I did accept it for the hell of it.)
yea i had one of those blizzad01 bots message me and of course since i am still new to bnet i fell for it but all is god i have already handled it and had the problem fixed had to call the cust care to have pritty much a reset done i also went and order one of those authenticators and i love it thats really one of the best thing you can get in my oppinion

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