Bored, What does everyone do for work?

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HR Systems Developer
But please refer to me as Testing Ninja...

I take requests from clients, analyse impacts, provide solutions and then ask Developer to fix them...
Developer usually answers "maybe on next years budget" so nothing ever gets fixed.
When it does get fixed, I get to test the crap out of it aka "break it" but that usually means I find more problems or more problems are created and then they don't get fixed. Well maybe on "next years budget"

Sounds familiar?

Mmmm... yeeeah.
Soldier at the army. Atm somewhere in the middle east
Senior Application Support Engineer/ Team Lead for a leading Medical Imaging company.
student at Bucknell University
Cook/Chef at MacDill AirForce Base. Serving up some gruel.
11/07/2012 01:05 AMPosted by jvfroman
i used to be an adventurer, but then i took an arrow to the knee.

lol nice skyrim quote.
Field Service Engineer for Radiation Detection Systems - Ohio, US
I work for a promotional company that employs around 35 people in western Canada. I do everything from logo design, front end web development, maintaining over a dozen e-commerce storefronts. I also operate a laser engraving machine, heat presses, silk screen, among other machines. Though, I rarely do this stuff anymore due to work load.

I also babysit 8 salespeople.
Operations Technician at BP Atlantis platform
11/07/2012 01:35 AMPosted by Cthulhu
firearms instructor


Placer Tech- Chile
warehouse clerk/director, lift operator, quebec city, canada. i wanna shoot myself in the face or tie a rope around my neck every morning i wake up to this !@#$hole.
I work at a carwash to pay my way through school. I'm 3/4ths through my Bachelors in Finance. As much as I hate my job, it kind of sucks that after I graduate and get an entry level job in my field, I'm going to be taking a pay cut. -_- We're making some decent money out there.
Lead Systems Engineer for a Fortune 500 Company
IT for General Motors
Industrial systems computer tech, Industrial process control. working in the Pulp and paper manufacturing.

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