Bored, What does everyone do for work?

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Come at me bro!
Fibre optic tech
Financial Analyst, Ontario Gov.
Xerox Sales Rep
System Admin for Cisco System
I was a Medical Case Manager for health insurance companies. I made good money too.

But I was recently terminated because I *DID NOT* falsify an applicant's interview to benefit a particular healthcare provider. I happen to be a man of integrity, which became a problem for my former employer.

Since there was no evidence of misconduct on my part, the Department of Employment Security granted me the approval for my unemployment benefit claim and so I am now collecting unemployment payments (65% of gross earnings, less state and federal taxes) and this is guaranteed for two years -- which is enough time for me to undergo further study to improve my future earning potential.
Fresh Grad Dentistry.. Has to take Board Exams later this Nov 20.. we'll see what happens will all this D3 Farming. LOL
Electrical Maintenance Engineer for a mining company in Canada
11/07/2012 01:04 AMPosted by drudometkin
CAT scan tech

X-Ray Technologist. Hope to join you soon
I'm a dinosaur.
11/07/2012 12:31 AMPosted by heyguyslol

Anything i might have seen?
Wholesale Manager, Berlin Germany , Ebay
I sell crap people don't need in order to make money to spend on crap I don't need.
consultant for data and reporting more specifically on SAP business objects products
Network admin/engineer

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