Bored, What does everyone do for work?

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House dad
Quantum Mechanic.
Webdesigner / Graphic Designer - Sweden.
Wanna help guys out with apps in the future, but no respons anywhere.
My name is on google.
work at a theater downtown san francisco!
48 pages damn. I work as a part time chef.
Diabolical Demon-Slayer !
Computer security engineer - penetration testing, Linux fan
Med skool, play when bored
Studying master in Information Technology
Crab wrangler.
Demon slayer at night.

Project manager for Cisco UCS implementation team.
Part time account executive for firearms distributor in Thailand (government contract).
ICT student :D
Patient Care Technician - Local hospital.

I wipe peoples asses for a living.
Customer service executive - Poland
Pretreatment Coordinator – Enforce Federal, State and City regulations on Industrial Users. Game is a nice way to escape from the stress of my job.

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