FPS Drop at the start of ever game

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Hello, since 1.0.5 came out I have had really bad fps drop when I engage the first pack or two of every game. At first I thought it may have been driver related but my drivers are up to date.

Has anyone else had this issue? I have tried to lock my fps at 60 to just see if it was an issue with having 200+ fps normally. However having it locked at 60 hasn't done anything to help, my fps counter is dropping down from 60 to 3 fps during the first couple of packs.
It's the game paging to memory for first time run, just give it a few min, try using all your effects in town first to load up memory. Works every time for me. Once in memory, it can be retrieved 1000x quicker than HDD, which is why the FPS drops the first few packs of the game, because those effects are loading from HDD first.
Would moving the game to my SSD remove this? Other people I know do not have this problem and my pc is just as good as theres.

Current specs:

CPU: 3700K OC'd to 4.6
GPU: 2x 4gb GTX 670
RAM: 16gb 2133 Mushkin Redline
HDD1: 300gb Mushkin Chronos SSD
HDD2: 1tb WD Caviar blue 7200 rpm

I currently only use the SSD for windows, didn't really see a need for diablo 3 to be on it since on my old pc my raptor loaded it just fine. I didn't have this issue on this pc until the patch. Played the game on 1.0.4 for about a week before 1.0.5 without any issues.
I've had this problem since beta. Please let me know if moving it to an ssd works because i will buy one. thanks

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