Rate the wizard above you! :)

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0/10, you look suspiciously like a human rogue.
ASOO, looks decent, think a good witching hour would suit you very nicely. You have lots of armor, must be great for dmg reduction. Might want to consider switching out your helment for tal rashas, you loes 5% bonus (not 8 becuase you get a 2nd in the set) and can claim more crit chance.
I'm pretty sure Tal Rasha set elem bonus is different from +elem dmg. I believe it actually applies to elemental skills instead of black weapon dmg like trium.

Xeonrf: You've got some nice gear. With all that cd, I think cc > ias for you so if you can swap your allegiance for one with crit, might be worth it. But use a gear analyzer to make sure before blowing the $$.

Skill picks are interesting. Hydra? Slow rune on Archon? I've never seen them on Archon build before. I'd suggest pinpoint over prismatic for Energy Armor, but your health is so much lower than your dps that without the mitigation, you'd probably self destruct instantly from any RD. Blood Magic would help, but maybe not enough.
ATGOWTWT. gear's not too bad. not sure if archon is ur normal setup or if u just use it to mf/gain xp. i've played around with archon at mp1 and 2, but found it to be much less effective the higher u get...interesting choice of weapon. i'm guessing the 3%ls comes in handy big time when you're on cooldown for archon. you might be using the belt to stack armor with that str, but def consider upgrading to a witching hour or even a nice tal's belt since u already have 2 of the set.
So.. Ceasar has a nice (i dont actually know.. since i dont play SC2) SC2 Profile.... dont know how to get in your wizzy.. if you post it.. i'll edit my post xD..

Very solid base. would work on upgrading your Trium to get some APOC, and maybe a little more DPS on your black weapon to push you up in the 200k range. Very solid though.
5k armor is nice
I strongly suggest your next upgrade be the blackthorn pants to get you that 6% damage to elites.
Your vite is a little low, but if you use force armor that can be a good thing with diamond skin.
^A good CM/WW foundation to build on.
^solid. i like the choice of nat's ring/boots for the cc boost.
^mirage, you have some decent gear but you have too much apoc on not enough attack speed. drop the oculus for a chantodo and get yourself up to at least 2.5 aps.

also, sennin's choice of 2 piece natalya set is pretty bad. it's only worth it if you get crit on the ring. you'd be much better off if you sold those two natalya pieces and got a rare ring with high crit and a pair of ice climbers.

you can get rare rings with 6% cc. you only get 7 from the natalya set, and you have to wear those terrible boots/ring to get it. if you can afford a natalya ring with high crit, great. otherwise it isn't worth the loss in other stats.
@Ryan: Sweet CM/WW wizard there! I assume you only play solo, as you'd be just shy of the 3.0aps breakpoint without the enchantress. If you do play multipalyer regularly, I'd try to pick up a hair more attack speed. As far as what I understand of the optimal AR+Armor, I'd try to pick up a bit more since you're a tad low, like me. You're probably not bad on the AR, as you have some fire+physical resistance to make up for it, so I'd first pick up more +Armor on your gear. But all in all, nice job!
We are all already ranked and rated on an even scale by diabloprogress.com

these threads don't really tell you how you stack up against others because people have very different/inconsistent standards of measurement
Then don't take part?
I would rate the person above, however I'm on my tablet. And I can't spec gear for some reason.

I would enjoy some comments on my gear. What should my next upgrade be.
I would rate the person above, however I'm on my tablet. And I can't spec gear for some reason.

I would enjoy some comments on my gear. What should my next upgrade be.

I think yours looks fine other than the terrible lacuni bracers and gloves. 6.5/10 for gear. Are the Inna pants really that good enough to give up nearly 140 extra int and resist? I see many wizzies with that.
@ EmmetOtter

7/10 - Looks like you're split between a CM and DPS build right now, not quite 100% geared for either. Nice touch with the -Disintegrate stuff though.

(Also, though I won't deduct a point, your followers are undergeared...need MF)

10/10 - I like your life steal, and the fact that you are not a freezer like all others these days (yup I don't like when friends talk about Wizards as freezers in default). Would like to see you in action!

(Damn, I have XP farming build on the profile page...)
7/10- interesting build, pretty decent gear, but you need some upgrades, your ammy needs to have another modifier in additon to the crit chance, you need to switch to trifecta gloves or attack speed instead of crit dmg, your pox needs crit chance, and you should consider apoc on your helm or source, cheaper way to go would be stormcrow on helm

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