Better than a "Skorn" ?

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Hi guys.

I went all the way trough the AH and the game guide and it seems that i can't find (for 2 handers of course) something better than a Skorn.
> Strengh + Crit damage + Socket // + Vit ans LS if you have the golds.
There should be at least, one 2H weapon that can compete in term of DpS and gold value with this evil weapon... Or maybe not.

Does anyone arround use an alternative ?
Please let me now if so and thx for your time.
less people pick rare 2-h anymore bcos verryyyy rare to get good roll rare 2-h. stick with skorn only for now.
Very hard to get something compareable to a skorn, but not impossible.
that weapon is 1/1000000000000.... maybe uploaded by Blizzard itself..

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