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got a pridy decent build set up so far freezes allmost every atack and dose decent dmg can do uber and iferno mp 6 with out much problems. but looking for some imput to get some dmg increase without falling from the build. allso im working on adding dex to inprove my doge rate so far up to 28%
You are an idiot and heres why...

You are using a Proctor build but you don't use Blind/Stun/Chill etc with that Freeze.

Get rid of your !@#$ty mainhand weapon and replace it with something with better dps.

Then get an Ammy with 4.7%+ Blind chance, get gloves with 4.7%+Stun Get 4.9% Chill on shoulders, slow on pants and you will be much more effective then just all freeze
Just wondering why that's better than all freeze. Not interested in the build, but going at the guy like that deserves reasons WHY it's better than all freeze. Right?
Because if he splits up the procs to those pieces he can get much better pieces with those procs and reach good dps while permastunning
was looking for advice did'nt needed to be slammed but thank you for your input any ways
his build might be quite subpar but no need to be a jerk to the poor kid

chillax man
Don't take it personally Deth. I'd advise just bending over... A lot of the insulting guys actually kind of know their sh%^... Just sucks they gotta swing their D#$%'s in the process.
I think the constructive criticism would be that Azurewrath is more of a Templar weapon. 5% freeze on your belt combined with Acid Rain should be more than enough CC. That way you can pick up a higher damage mace/spear. Also VQ might be better for your build than SA.
RoT would be a nice replacement for splinters. Less single target DPS but more freeze procs and you can go over walls if a waller does get it off.

Personally, I think you could find a pair of gloves with much higher int but without the AR. Say even 262 int, which would net you only a loss of 60 AR total but a whole bunch of extra damage.

If you don't need the LOH, the pants can be swapped too.

edit - I assumed you wanted to keep the weapon and wanted to keep your 20% freeze chance as that was part of the title. If its not required, and you are just looking at being a proctor, then what the douchebag said "way" above is right.
wanted to do something different than just just buying the strongest weapons i could find. got switch gear for that. made this character for support for my glass cannon freinds. and works very well so far
pants are my only loh atm but could switch it to my rings i guess
you could probably sell the tal rasha's ammy too and just get a rare with high int, cc,cd, loh and possibly even ar or vit.

this is assuming you keep azurewrath. The 6% from tal rasha's isn't helping much since azurewrath has elemental damage boost.

edit2 - your build is good, I use something simliar for uber kills since I don't have the superior gear that many here have. Its a great way to lock ubers down while some glass canons do more damage.
Seriously, keep this sword and get the 0 dog equipment.
Then you will find yourself extremely busy helping others in mp 10 uber games.
Stun on gloves and freeze on belt should be plenty. Blind on ammy and immobilize on boots is just an extra bonus if you can find a nice set.

With that weapon your damage will always be gimped, but for the build of stun-locking I suppose it would be effective in that regard. The Rain of Toads suggestion is solid because it will proc a lot more than Poison Dart and that takes advantage of your Life on Hit as well.

Also I would suggest getting rid of Fierce Loyalty. If you are proccing stun and freeze all the time I see no point in worrying about your pets staying alive, the enemies will be mostly disabled. Personally, I would choose another passive, maybe Jungle Fortitude that way your pets get survivability and you do too!
Seriously, keep this sword and get the 0 dog equipment.
Then you will find yourself extremely busy helping others in mp 10 uber games.

I'm not sure deth2fast is willing to part with his mojo though.

Just to add on, I think luffy is referring to acid rain 0cd build using sacrifice mana rune

In my opinion that is currently the best build to cc lock mobs since you are able to use the highest proc skill wd has ie acid rain, and SPAM it as u never run out of mana since sacrifice mana rune gets you instantly back to full mana, and atkspd actually improves the efficiency of the build.

And I agreed with the few other wds here that stun/freeze or if you can blind in your armour is good enough to cc lock mobs and dropping azurewrath to increase your dps.
ty will defiantly try this
11/13/2012 11:42 AMPosted by KuMarKia
Just to add on, I think luffy is referring to acid rain 0cd build using sacrifice mana rune

He's referring to the For the master Dog Sac build I believe since you would want LoH on your weapon for that Pride sac build. Plus Luffy's tried to get me to use the Azurewrath before in game and I won't commit to it, lol. I may consider a belt though.

11/13/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Soap
You are an idiot and heres why...

I'm sorry I busted out laughing when I read that line. It was a good opening as far as attacks go. But I think he still has some credibility to his tactless suggestions.

You have a few pieces of gear that I wish my WD has. So your gear is pretty good already. Apart from the obvious Intel, maybe you are lacking in critical hit damage. So I'd suggest upgrading your weapon to a similar type with higher DPS and a socket (if they exist), may not get such a high roll on the % freeze, but should still be alright. Adding 100% crit damage will boost your DPS by a lot for your current configuration.

I don't think slow (pants), chill (shoulder), and immobilize (boots) are useful, but you may want to consider blind (amulet)and stun (glove) as they are equally as effective as freeze.
ty paul just w8ing on server to be up lol
I do like the azure rath as a weapon for proctor.

I would suggest adding freeze or stun to ur mojo (can get up to 2.6%) and getting stun on gloves and blind on ammy. the other procs are no important imo.

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