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I put a Manticore i got last night on the AH with 115m start and buyout,
Stats as i remember them

1k dps
297 dex
11 IAS
2 sockets

was that a good price or not??
2 OS?? i reckon those go for 400m if not wrong. is that 115m start and 115m buyout?
Yeah start and buyout
well then i bet you'll have a buyer pretty soon i'd say
LOL i wasnt even aware weapons could have 2 sockets.

^ The one on my DH i got for just 80 mil or so 5-6 days ago.
If and when I can get on will do that if it is still there, hopefully it is.

^ The one on my DH i got for just 80 mil or so 5-6 days ago.

nice. wish i would spend more time on the AH looking for bargains which i just can't bring myself to but instead i'm in game farming XD
I was on the other day and a shenlong with 900+dps and 87CD with 2.5ls came up for 6m, I'm sure error but only had 5.5m atm asked a friend for a loan and in the span of 2m it was gone :(
Dual sockets are so overpriced...

I do hope that players will keep spending their gold on 1K 2 OS Manticores - it will keep them out of the 1.3K single socket Manticore market.
I don't think these are worth 400m. If prices haven't gone down, probably 80-100.

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