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Been ultra grinding Diablo III. Need a break... So I go to SC2 custom games, play some Nexus Wars and Desert Strike. Play some CS:S, some LoL...

But now, completely bored. Nothing to play or nothing I feel like playing!

Football. clearly youre temporarily tired of video games. go outside, do something physical, freeze your butt off, and youll be much more thankful for the comfort of your spinning chair and monitor.
Go to the gym
Read a book
Have sex
Watch Tv
If you don't have to get up super early, go out and drink
If you're not living alone, chill with your roommate, wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, friend or whoever
If you're alone...!@#$%^-*!e
I've been playing Icewind Dale II (old game) and having lots of fun..

There's always games like

Borderlands 2
Torchlight 2

darksiders 2 just went on sale for 18 dollars on steam.

Good games aren't difficult to find this year, but then again you still play D3
After quitting my 350hr D3 addiction I haven't found anything close to a suitable replacement either... Would love a brand new RPG that's not just out to milk a franchise for another buck... no sequels, xpacs, enhanced editions, or otherwise... gimme new game!
If you want - there is a free trial for GW2 going on. I still have two invites left. Leave an email address here and I'll invite you.

Might not be what you really want - but it won't cost you anything to try.
Check in with Steam each day after 1pm EST as that's when they have their new daily deals. They also have free weekends for games with decent sales to go with it.

I'm looking forward to next week though. Hitman Absolution comes out. It's been a while since I last fiber wired someone. Hope it's a amazing as Blood Money was. I'll never forget infiltrating a house dressed as a clown, swapping to a pool boy outfit, being hit on by a dude's slutty wife and led upstairs, her going to prepare a bath leaving me free to strangle her husband, coming back to steal film from her while she's asleep, crawling out the window, swapping back to the clown and walking out the front door.

Good times...

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