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people sell to vendor as fast as they can identify ... even Shift+RCLICK won't change things.

people just don't pay attention to things. I've been guilty as well where I ID an item and instead of IDing the next I do a gear-swap. Fortunately I've caught them all so far

selling to the vendor isn't the issue. I don't care if they code it so your fingers are all criss-crossed like a bad game of twister to sell an item to a vendor. Issue is not the key-combination. Issue is not looking at what you are selling.

only solution to save you from not paying attention is to pop a confirmation screen for each item before vendoring. And even that won't fix anything as people would blindly just be clicking the OK button and frustrated with an extra step in vendoring their gear from their backpack.

Bottom line.... ID ya stuff.... and since you are on the INV screen look at ya stats before selling in case you did a gear-swap... then sell.

Doesn't take much time to do this.
better solution... just DRAG-DROP-SWAP like you can do already ... just disable the whole right-click altogether and make it drag-drop
Thanks for your feedback!

As Lylirra mentioned [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004693267#14"]here[/url], we're definitely aware of the frustration vendoring the wrong item can cause for players (I've done it, myself). We strongly urge players to use caution whenever selling items to a vendor, and to take advantage of the Buyback tab in instances where an oversight occurs, but beyond that, we have no immediate plans for an additional layer of protection.


seriously... this is ridiculous. Just add a gear lock option. WoW has it...

Especially considering there is REAL MONEY attached to your gear... NOT having the option is just stupid. You guys amaze me.

you want people to hold your hand for everything?

it is your responsibility to look at what you are selling.
This thread just proves how the OP and ppl agreeing with him are retarded and dont pay attention to anything.
i alrealy sold a 325m gloves, and yesterday my friend did the same mistake, please a Lock item system!
That's a easy and a work soluction!
11/15/2012 12:57 PMPosted by VitaminEZ
This thread just proves how the OP and ppl agreeing with him are retarded and dont pay attention to anything.

Obvious troll is obvious.

If your going to troll at least use something other than the usual namecalling such as "Stupid guy is stupid!"

Have an argument and back it up with intelligent reason.

Something like..."Hey retard, map your swap key and you won't have that problem!!"

Oh wait....
It's the same issue as accidentally clicking and removing a skill and dumping all your NV stacks in the middle of a battle. Yes, you can chide players to be more careful, but even the most careful of us have at one time or another lost track of our cursors on the screen when it gets hot and heavy.
Yeah I know, they fixed it and good on them for doing so, and that was my point. They could have said "be more careful" but they decided that this wasn't sufficient to quell the problem and thus established the error-proofing solution. So the precendent is certainly there to error-proof elements of the game that are problematic.
11/15/2012 12:57 PMPosted by VitaminEZ
This thread just proves how the OP and ppl agreeing with him are retarded and dont pay attention to anything.

For your own sake, I actually hope you make a grave mistake in your life, so you can get off that high horse of yours and learn some humility.
Some of yall have zero empathy.

That and brains.
11/15/2012 12:45 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
BTW, I almost vendored my gg gloves yesterday and through no fault of my own. The server began to rubberband (it's been unstable since 1.05) and a stall caused me to swap my gloves. I then vendored it, realized I had vendored my equipped glove, and when I tried to buy back, the server mega-rubberbanded again. For over a minute, I was hoping and praying that my connection would reestablish instead of timing out. Luckily it did.

This has happened to me 3 times in the last couple of days, lucky that i catch it everytime and got my item back. I never had this problem before as i always take time when ID and sell stuffs until the last couple days due to the rubberband and lags.
happened to me as well...so bump
I just sold a cheap (3 mil) ring this morning. Not the end of the world but it's frustrating. A lock seems like a simple fix to me.

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