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take the time to organize your inventory like i do to avoid selling items accidentally. I personally put any items i find that i wish to sell or keep in the bottom right corner and surround those with crappy blues so i can visually see what not to sell
11/05/2012 03:58 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Is it fun for you guys to pay attention to procedural details that have nothing to do with game play or gaming enjoyment? The only reason we even have to pay attention to this trivial detail is because Blizzard won't design a proper UI that prevents human errors (which we all make) that have nothing to do with the purpose of the game. I don't understand how some of you guys hold blizzard to such bargain basement standards.

I don't understand how people "accidentally" throw their 300m IK chest on the ground in a public game, but it happens. Should Blizz have a "fix" for it? No, because they went full retard. This "problem" is the same thing. There is already plenty of protection against this, like the buyback option, for the average player. Beyond that is protection for people who go full retard, and you should never go full retard.
Thanks for your feedback!

As Lylirra mentioned [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7004693267#14"]here[/url], we're definitely aware of the frustration vendoring the wrong item can cause for players (I've done it, myself). We strongly urge players to use caution whenever selling items to a vendor, and to take advantage of the Buyback tab in instances where an oversight occurs, but beyond that, we have no immediate plans for an additional layer of protection.

Translation: We don't care if you vendored your godly item, it just means more money for us since you'll now be looking in the RMAH for a replacement.

You are terrible at public relations. Quit.
simple watching what the hell you are doing and paying a little attention will solve this problem.
Blizz should take responsibility for using the same key bind for ID, Equip and Sell. Recipe for disaster, given how often we sell Rares. We've basically become experts at right-clicking an entire bag's worth of stuff.

How about a "Sell All" button, with confirm dialogue where you check/uncheck Magic/Rare/Gems/Pages/Potions? No more accidental right clicks. Faster Town runs. Less Party Members waiting for you to rejoin them.
Sucks to be the OP. This happened one with me but my loss was, compared to the OP, in a much small scale. I lost an amulet that I paid ~9m.
Why are people mashing the right click button to ID items?

Did they change it some clients so its a mini game now, and you can no longer just click once and wait?

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