If you could choose 1 perma-SHRINE buff ...

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fleeting, and I thought the new shrines were stupid till I actually got to play them.
I actually love the resource shrine. Feels like I have the legacy nats.

But fleeting ftw
Fleeting, no question
Fleeting 25% movement speed cap is stupid the game is slow enough.
Fleeting, game moves entirely too slow...
Fleeting and my dh with tactical advantage and vault is so smooth =)
I was playing with my son the other day and every time we got the fleeting buff we both noticed how much more fun the game became for us for those few minutes.

He said, "Dad? Why don't they make it so you run fast all the time? It makes the game a LOT more fun."

And I got to thinking. Does anyone feel like the game pace is a little slow and if things were sped up just a bit that it makes the game just feel more fun. More action. Less downtime between packs. More hacking and slashing.

I understand the nominal run speed has to be set somewhere. But does anyone think if the default nominal run speed were increased by 20% say that the game over all would just be more fun?

EDIT: I replied without reading the thread. Just saw the blue post from the blue tracker at diablofans. So my post sounds kind of stupid now after 10 pages of FLEETING IS MORE FUN! and then I come along and ask does anyone think fleeting is more fun??? lol Well, that's what I get for not reading the other replies. Either way add me and my son into the speed up the game its WAY more fun group.
Fleeting for anything under MP6, Empowerment otherwise.

I still think it would be amazing to see a legendary with an affix along the lines of "You are fleeting" or even "% chance to become fleeting when you are hit." This could be used to cast any sort of shrine.
Fleeting without a doubt. I feel so freaking crippled when it wears off, even with 24% movement speed bonus.

Nothing is sexier than a Super Saiyan WW Barb with lightning speed.
I would say this thread is a "trend" that can be reported back to the dev team.

Please remove the 25% cap, and also increase base movement speed by like 10% starting.

Game play is substantially more fun with faster movement speed. Playing other similar ARPG's feels like lighting after d3 and it should not be like that. It is obvious the game can support faster movement speeds.
Empowered shrine, it will do wonders to my CM Wizard. :)
fleeting forever
Empowered. This is unquestionable for any class that actually has a high burst damage that uses their combat resource. Anyone who lets their bar fill up without using it will get no benefit, obviously.
Fleeting, without any competition.

wish they would just raise the speed cap already

hell 1 piece of gear in d2 took it up 45%
The one where my attack speed increases.

Sorry for my noobishness, but the name escaped me

Devs - please add more monsters everywhere.

WW barb #145,603

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