If you could choose 1 perma-SHRINE buff ...

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i can get ms,dps,as and gf/mf on items but resource regen and cooldown times are the toughest to stack so I would choose that

Slash - wait - slash - wait - Is booooring!
Fleeting, without a doubt.

Default movement speed is way too slow in this game.
Fleeting goes perfect with my archon build.
Empowered, So I could drop my 2 passive that help with my mana and get PtV for 20% more damage. Fleeting would come second.
Fleeting hands down.
Fleeting. No contest at all.
Fleeting ftw! With my monk passive +24% frw I actually feel like I am moving at an appropriate movement speed. :P
Sprint Shrine.
WD love empower
for wd empowered is soo nice, cooldown reduc means we can just use spirit walk to basically get the same advantage as fleeting, but empowered gives basically unlimited mana ! :O
Are people forgetting that frenzy gives 25% attack speed? Is that something you could just ignore..?
fleeting of course. Im an archon after all.

oh.. now they will nerf fleeting.
Fleeting. It is ridiculously good.

I guess a distant second would be Empowered for the cooldown reduction as that allows me to not worry about playing perfectly in order to keep WOTB up.
There should be a shrine that gives you a clown costume and stuns / scares enemies when they see you.

Honestly... I love fleeting shrine for the pick up radius just as much as the run speed.

it's a toss up between fleeting and empowered.. alternate between the two ? if possible. :)
Fleeting is so OP
I like it
Empowered. For movement speed by spending resources and to help kill elites with the extra meter.

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