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Fleeting. The game is alot of fun with it. The mobs aren't as dense in this game as I'd like, so having that speed to get to the next small mob cluster quickly is really nice and makes the game alot more enjoyable. After getting 12 or 24% movement speed off of gear .... its sooooo hard to go back to base. I wish the base movement speed was faster (atleast what 12% feels like atm).
Fleeting is the most fun shrine. Blizzard made a big mistake when they limited movement speed, really.

If I were going for pure power, I'd say empowered, but what's more important? Being stronger? Or having more fun? Personally, I'd say more fun ;)
I love frenzy, however, Fleeting has to win for me cuz it allows me to just get to where i wanna go faster and find what i wanna find faster.
Empowered. Faster recharging fun and fuel for the fun.
fleeting shrine
11/06/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Vaeflare
If I could choose one Shrine buff to have permanantly, it would be Fleeting. Zoom zoom!

Tell the Devs to increase base movement speed, please :D

Guess what? I prefer F _ _ _ T _ _ G
Empowered! Infinite perma-SS is back baby!

For Monk and Wiz I would probably want Fleeting though.
fleeting for sure its like crack it gives more extra exp then the exp shrine more gold and items then the mf shrine (also ignors cap because its based on shear number of extra kills insted of mf %) better protection then protection shrine since u can outrun everything except fast affix super fast mobs. is supose empower and frenzy are completely different so hard to compare but boy do i love my fleeting crack hits.5
- on a side note this shrine shows that a speed cap isnt realy necicary why do we have such a cap i mean barbarians get away with fast speed and run speed on other items is legondary only so why bother with a cap i would love to be able to move like this all the time.
surprised everyone is saying fleeting...

EMPOWERED is BY FAR my best choice...

fleeting just makes you run faster.. did I miss something???

EDIT: with DH I can vault everywhere with empowered and with 60% run speed from near perma-vault buff that makes fleeting look slow by comparison.
Sorry... can't let this one go.

Fleeting: You gain 25% increased movement speed and increase your pickup radius by 20 yards.

Empowered: You have 100% increased resource gain, and 50% reduced cooldown time.

Tactical Advantage gives me 60% run speed.

with my hatred regenerating so fast I can just keep spamming Multi-Shot with supression fire
which gives a butt load of discipline. Plus my Discipline regeneration is doubled.

Then on top of that if/when that runs out from constant spamming of vault/ToC with my crazy fast 60% run speed I hit preparation.

preparation instantly restores all discipline and with backup plan has a 1/3 chance of zero cooldoown...

BUT with empowered my cooldown is reduced to only 22.5 seconds, during which time I can use my super fast hatred regeneration to spam Multishot/supression fire with my doubled discipline regen. so that I can continue my Vault Assault while I'm running around faster than a bastard maniac!!!

now... compare that to 25% increased run speed with more pick up radius... big whoop.

TLDR: fleeting is not the best if you're a DH
empowered for my monk. almost perma serenity... what?
Fleeting yo.
11/06/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Vaeflare
If I could choose one Shrine buff to have permanantly, it would be Fleeting. Zoom zoom!

+1, this is the most useful shrine considering how slow characters walk
fleeting of course

they REALLY REALLY need to remove the 25% cap
Fleeting !! LOL
Flirting of course.
Fleeting :D ...
Frenzy. It would really help with increasing my dps for higher MP levels.
Fleeting, Hands down~

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