your most treasured item ever?

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a 1 hand xbow my brother give me before i reach lvl 60 ..
700++ dps,dex,vit,loh,-1x lvl req. it worth nothing then and now.
but somehow i feel connected to a heritage or something
never will vendore or salvage it,my first ever xbow that make me feel OP.^^
My Zuni Boots and Tals amulet on my wizard. Both of them dropped almost back to back for my monk and right then i knew i had to make a wiz.
I remember 3 months ago wanting to quit the game, no progress no Legendaries no nothing.

Then I got a Mempo of Twilight, it give me HP and atack speed like hell, after getting that I start to farm like crazy and thats why I have the few I have today :D

Then yesterday I put it on sale in the AH, press too fast and put it for some few coins, after 1 second it was gone.....
Before today I had witch hour belt (the one i use) but before quiting I got IK armor with great roll (2-300m in AH) and Amulet 150int 46vit 8 cri chance 88 cri damage which worth more than 150m in one round.

Sweet dream ^^
Wirt's Original Leg

Found it on my Barbarian the first day of the release and used it all the way to 60 Whenever I wanted the extra Movement speed. Also used it to open every single chest until MF stopped applying to chests.
Wirt's original leg :D
Definitely my Fire Walkers in my stash. I just love leaving a burning trail of cinders behind me!
My spear by far !
The Dead Man's Legacy i'm wearing right now i dropped it yesterday and was so happy :D
Most precious item was my first legendary wich I found in pony land, Rainbow something..I still keep it in my stash even now
I will say my manajuma's knife with socket
It is the only item I consider it as end game item. As a person without much luck, it is the only item I use that is dropped to me instead of purchase it in AH..
My ammy, looks like a pretty standard ammy right? Wrong, currently it has a bug making the game read it as 63 Min Dam instead of 33. It's not possible for ammy's to roll that level of Min Dam so right now, it's one of a kind unless some one finds another ammy with the same bug which I haven't been able to find in testing against other ammy's with similar rolls.
My shield on my dead monk, 200 dex 150 vit, 20%block 60 AR 8% life... how I miss it.
My current amulet. Found on act 3 MP1. Doesn't have dex on it but with 10% crit chance and 71% crit damage, it still adds a whopping 10k+ to my dps. Love it.

I love my glove too <3. Also found on act 3 MP1.
Rakanishu`s Blade!!!'s_Blade

Just because I loved the fallens screaming "Rakanishu!" back in Diablo 2!
Lol what? You can acquire good items in this game?
non yet...

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